Get Hot New Stuff - Legacy Endpoints and Multiple Requests (Discover?)

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Thu Jan 30 09:19:05 GMT 2020

Hi all,

While diagnosing an issue this evening with, I noticed
that we are still getting an extremely large number of requests for
the legacy OCS/GHNS providers.xml endpoint, which is supposed to only
exist for compatibility with older applications.

Looking on LXR i've found that a substantial number of our
applications are still using the old url in their most recent releases

All new code should be using now, and all old code
should be transitioning to using the new url.

The legacy url is significantly more resource intensive for our
servers to support and our ability to scale this endpoint is
substantially more limited when compared with the new endpoint so it
is important that this is moved over (to the extent Enterprise/Long
term LTS distributions should be encouraged to patch this)

Additionally, I believe there to be a multiple request bug somewhere
as this endpoint is being hit approximately 3-4 times in the same
second for each client we see. Based on the corresponding hit to which happens at the
same time it is likely the application showing this fault the most is

If we could please get the above all fixed up that would be appreciated.


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