KDE review for KWeatherCore

Jacky Alcine yo at jacky.wtf
Mon Dec 21 06:40:39 GMT 2020

Would it be possible for KweatherCore to lean on location services like 
Geoclue? (And/if should we be working on a KDE GUI for Geoclue to help with 
this? That way Kweather could only be dealing with resolving weather info)

On Sunday, December 20, 2020 10:16:09 PM PST hanyoung wrote:
> KWeatherCore: https://invent.kde.org/libraries/kweathercore is a library for
> querying weather forecast data. During the development of KWeather, we
> found the need to have a weather library. KWeatherCore is the result of
> extracting weather data fetching code from KWeather. I think having a
> dedicated weather library can serve the following propose: - simplify the
> KWeather code
> - easier to develop a weather daemon
> - potentially less code duplication across KDE
> Many of you may have already seen my previous email to kde-devel mailing
> list.
> Thank you for your constructive suggestions. Here are something I want to 
> > I would also propose to consider doing a demon instead, so different
> > programs/processes all interested in weather forecast data could share the
> > data
>   The end goal is a daemon indeed, but we want to build the daemon upon the
> library. This would give us flexibility in the future if we don't want a
> daemon. At least KWeather and other projects can still benefit from the
> code.
> > but we want to make sure we don't end up with two things.
>   I admit there are some overlapped functionalities. But KWeatherCore isn't
> designed as a weather data provider as Weather DataEngine. Instead, it's
> trying to be the building block of weather related applications.
> KWeatherCore saves you the hassle of dealing with APIs, getting locations
> and converting timezone. You can build a daemon with it, or you can use it
> in your applications. For example, KItinerary and KWeather use the same
> weather API, but don't share code. That means two code base to maintain.
> Regarding the dynamic nature of online APIs, it's better to have one
> library, so other applications don't need to be worried about their APIs
> being depraved, and they aren't able to update it in time.
>   Though not currently implemented, KWeatherCore does intend to have weather
> alerts added. We hope it can be done in this Sok
> https://community.kde.org/SoK/Ideas/2021#KWeather
>   With this bit added, then the work on weather daemon can be started.
> Regards,
> Han Young
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