plasma-mobile/plasma-dialer in kdereview

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sat Dec 19 22:31:32 GMT 2020

El dijous, 17 de desembre de 2020, a les 13:22:28 CET, Bhushan Shah va escriure:
> Hello everyone!
> We would like to move plasma-mobile/plasma-dialer in kdereview, note
> that currently it is in "extragear" but it seems to me that initial
> import of code back in 2015 was mistake and by mistake it was imported
> to extragear directly instead of the playground.

this needs i18n

./src/qml/HistoryPage.qml:38:        text: "Clear history"

About i18n, i see that Yuri added a script that extracts to plasma-dialer.pot but I'd say it won't be used unless you call KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain from your main.cpp

I was mega surprised that it listed my contacts, it really seems the contacts are coming from my google account? But i don't have kaccounts set up here, so where do they come from? Maybe kdeconnect synced them at some point? (i don't have kde connect running/synced at this moment).

Speaking of that list, it has two issues.
* I think it should ignore casing, i.e. the i and s groups down there should not exist and just be up with I and S.
* It should also ignore accents, there should not be an Ó group and should be just with the rest of O

There's also a warning about enable_speaker being defined but never used.


> plasma-dialer is dialer application for Plasma Mobile. It is basically
> telepathy client with two parts, approver and dialer client.
> To test this on local system if you want you need ofono-phonesim and
> telepathy-ofono or telepathy-ring.
> Thanks

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