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Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Sun Dec 13 21:11:35 GMT 2020

El diumenge, 13 de desembre de 2020, a les 12:09:48 CET, Dimitris Kardarakos va escriure:
> Hello everyone,
> Kongress has been moved to kdereview.
> Kongress is a conference companion application. Its purpose is to help 
> participants to organize their visit or online participation in a 
> conference. It includes the following features:
> - A collection of conferences that the user may be interested in
> - The scheduled talks, displayed in various ways: full, by day, or by 
> category (if the conference is organized in different tracks).
> - Start/end time of each talk can be shown either in the organizer's or 
> local time zone.
> - The users can add a talk to a list of favorites. In case of 
> overlapping talks, an information message is shown.
> - Reminders before the beginning of the talk can be displayed. This 
> interval can be configured by the users. At the moment, notifications 
> are supported only on Plasma >= 5.20 where the wakeup scheduling 
> mechanism was introduced.
> Kongress is a Kirigami based application and it also uses KCalendarCore 
> to manage the conference schedules. For a conference to be supported by 
> Kongress, the schedule should be available in ical format.
> The primary target user-base of Kongress is people attending a 
> conference with a Linux mobile phone. It also works on desktop, 
> leveraging the convergence capabilities of Kirigami. Finally, there is 
> also an Android nightly build available.
> The source code can be found here:
> https://invent.kde.org/utilities/kongress

I think you're missing a KLocalizedString::setApplicationDomain in src/main.cpp ?

How does the app know about the list of conferences?

I find the fact that i can't add my own conference a bit unsatisfactory :/

You have a few == that could be === in qml and save 0.000000000000000000000000000001W of battery :D

I guess getting a oars declaration in your appdata wouldn't hurt.


> All the best,

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