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Carl Schwan carl at
Sun Dec 6 11:36:20 GMT 2020

Le jeudi, novembre 19, 2020 11:27 PM, Carl Schwan <carl at> a écrit :

> Hello,
> Tobias and I have been working on a Matrix client using Kirigami,
> named NeoChat. NeoChat is still missing a few features to become
> a full-featured Matrix client (most notably encryption support and
> video chat support), but it is starting to be good enough for
> interacting with public rooms. It is using version 0.6 of
> libQuotient and is a fork of the (abandoned) Spectral client.
> For the moment the feature supported are:
> -   Sending messages
> -   Sending files from clipboard and filesystem
> -   Reply to message (right-click on a message to access menu)
> -   Start a private chat (but not encrypted)
> -   Show notifications, for the moment there is only a global switch
>     to disable it. We plan to implement the configuration part of the
>     specification soon.
> -   Auto-completion of usernames in chat
> -   Emoji picker
> -   Basic room setting page
> -   Send and accept invitations
> -   /rainbow <message> (very important)
> -   /me <message>
> -   And more features are contently added
>     We already support a nightly build for Flatpak and a quite
>     experimental Android build.
>     The only external dependencies for NeoChat are libQuotient
>     (0.6.x branch) and cmark.
>     Concerning the release plan, we want to release an initial
>     version to ship with the Pinephone KDE edition. And once with
>     are happy with the feature provided by NeoChat (e.g. encryption
>     support) we plan on moving it to the release service.
>     We have an active Matrix room for discussion around NeoChat at
>     Thanks in advance for your review and helpful advice.
>     Carl and Tobias

So NeoChat is now for more than 14 days in KDE Review. If there is
no more objections, I will move it to extragear tomorrow.

Since the start of KDE review, NeoChat gained a few more features and
interface improvements:

* Now display the date when a message was sent
* Now show highlighted messages
* Improved sidebar design (thanks to a design from manueljlin)
* Add a simpler mode to the timeline (without displaying avatars)
* Fixed login with
* Created and fixed the bug with text wrapped text sent :p
* Improved the support for multiple accounts
* Notification improvement (clicking on them now open the room and
  then starting NeoChat you don't get spammed by notifications anymore)
* Added a bit of KStandardShortcut support (btw it would be nice to
  expose them in an easy way to QML apps)
* Improved auto-completion of usernames and emojis
* Added simpler copy-pasting of images
* Better autofocus of the chat text field
* Better system tray integration
* ...

Also we gained a few contributors \o/

* Nate did a lot of QA
* Aleix worked on the better system tray
* Nero Burner worked on making the mobile version a bit better
* Noah improved the setting page
* Peter Eszlari made some changes to the AppStream metadata
* Alexey Andreyev improved the username colors contrast on dark themes

I wouldn't call NeoChat bug free and feature-complete yet but for I
see myself using NeoChat more and more as a daily driver and only use
Element as a backup now.


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