Swap - An Addition to Cut/Copy/Paste for Text Handling

Jason Christie collabs.and.covers at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 19:12:40 GMT 2020

Hello, all!

I *really* feel I'm intruding here, so I will try and be brief and succinct.

When you have text buffered/in the clipboard, and need to replace other
text while at the same time keeping it as well, there's no easy and fast
way to do this.

Some of us do this many times a day, whether as programmers, data entry
people, accountants, authors, spammers, etc.

It seems to me to be relatively easy to swap the highlighted text for the
buffered text. It would probably be harder to find a meaningful available

Anyway, I thought I would at least put it out there for the people most
capable of doing it. Ideally, we would see this addition catch on
worldwide, with KDE being the innovators in this area.

I'm probably capable of implementing it myself, were I directed to the
right areas, but I am far from an expert as far as the underlying structure
of things goes. But perhaps this post will spark a discussion.

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