MauiKit and Index review

Carl Schwan carl at
Tue Dec 1 13:37:51 GMT 2020

Le lundi, septembre 28, 2020 9:02 AM, Camilo Higuita Rodriguez <chiguitar at> a écrit :

Hi, some feedback:

Index looks visually really nice, great job on that front :)

In term of technical review:

* There are tons of clazy warning in your codebase: I fixed some of them in [1] but
  there are more of them. I would encourage you to look into setting up clazy, it
  provides tons of helpful advice.
  This won't work if I set LANGUAGE=fr_FR as my environment variable. Also I don't think
  it is a good idea to parse the command line output like this. You should probably
  ask the kdeconnect team if they can add machine-readable interface or a dbus API for your
  This strings should be translated if they are visible to the user.
* You are using qDebug in mauikit, you should probably use QLoggingCategory instead.


> Hi,
> For the next stable release, we would like to go through KDE review first.
> To start I want to submit MauiKit and Index for review, and later on the other apps.
> The changes we have made to get to this review are all in the development branch.
> I will be available to perform any needed fixes and answer any questions since I'm the main developer and maintainer.
> Greetings,
> Camilo Higuita

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