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Volker Krause vkrause at kde.org
Sat Sep 28 12:01:11 BST 2019


ELF Dissector has been moved to kdereview for the usual review process.


ELF Dissector is a static analysis tool for ELF libraries and executables, for 
doing things like inspecting forward and backward dependencies (on a library 
or symbol level), identifying load-time performance bottlenecks such as 
expensive static constructors or excessive relocations, or size profiling of 
ELF files.

ELF Dissector has been living in playground for more than 6 years because I 
was sloppy following the right process. Since it's in active use by a number 
of people, is actively maintained and remains relevant and useful I think it's 
time to finally rectify this :)

Regarding its final destination, extragear/sdk looks like the obvious 
candidate, as its such a niche tool that being part of the KDE Application 
bundle is probably hard to argue. Once KDE Applications and the "release 
service" are sufficiently decoupled, I'd of course be more than happy to have 
it covered by the automatic release process.

Regarding distribution, there is one annoying aspect, its dependency on semi-
public binutils API for accessing the C++ symbol demangling AST. That works on 
conventional Linux distributions, but I failed to make it work as a Flatpak 
due to that.

Regarding portability, this currently only builds on ELF-based systems, 
although theoretically this could be useful on a Windows host used for 
embedded Linux development too. It's not impossible to make this work 
eventually I think, but it's probably quite some work.

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