Ruqola in KDE-review

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Sun Sep 15 23:14:12 BST 2019

El dijous, 12 de setembre de 2019, a les 9:20:45 CEST, laurent Montel va escriure:
> Hi,
> I would like to move ruqola to extragear/network.
> So I asked to sysadmin to move ruqola to kde-review (it was done).
> Ben told me that this period will start in 2 weeks.
> If you want to review it... :)

Now onto the using side:

Starting it for the first time says

received something unhandled: "{\"server_id\":\"0\"}"
org.kde.ruqola: Unknown service type:  "Accounts_OAuth_Gitlab_identity_path"
org.kde.rocketchatqtrestapi: Auth settings is empty. It's a bug
org.kde.rocketchatqtrestapi: Impossible to start GetSupportedLanguagesJob
org.kde.rocketchatqtrestapi: Impossible to start GetSupportedLanguagesJob

And then the ui says "login failed"

Connected to what? Is it attempting to login to something even if i have never used the app? Maybe we should not try to do that? it's a bit confusing

Can the icons on the top bar have tooltips? I had no idea what would happen when pressing the "two people" icon.

Quite a few of the "default avatars" (i.e. those that don't have their own avatar set) look small and wrong if you compare them to what they look on the webapp (see your company chat for an example)

Configure account is unfinished?

Ah, on the second login looked different and it at least showed my account name there on the first line (even though i still was not able to configure anything?)

Searching for "montel" on the webapp on the company server shows me your chat (that i don't have open), searching for the same on ruqola doesn't, so i don't really have a way to talking to you

Also some of the fonts look terrible for a chat app, but that may be because of Qt Quick itself :/

Compare (ruqola) with (kmail)

Other than that it seems that it is a good start, so i agree it's a good idea to make some noise around it and see if we can get some more contributors :)


> Regards.

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