ELF Dissector in kdereview

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This tool looks very useful. I am wondering if the Qt 5.11 requirement
isn't a bit overkill given only 2 lines of code require it (git grep
"horizontalAdvance"; using the boundingRect can do something close enough)
and this version of Qt isn't very common in major LTS distributions. With
those 2 lines changed and the tests disabled, it compile and works on Qt
5.9 LTS.

Also, if I may propose a new feature (not related to the kdereview ->
kdesdk move), I would love to see libabigail being integrated in the GUI.
Its `abicompat` command line tool produces nice reports. It can look for
changes in the linked .so tree to see if they are still fully compatible
with the elf object you are introspecting. It's useful when you
recompile/modify some library components of a larger software more often
than you recompile the GUI and/or top level components. It's also useful
when using some system libraries on rolling release distributions.
Libabigail can create very detailed reports about exactly what's the impact
of library changes on the executable. For example, it will display how the
ordering changes in a return value `struct` affects some code paths (by
casting the wrong bytes to the wrong expected types). This requires the
debug symbols and to get the most of it, the SDK which was used to compile
the software (as it was when it was compiled). However, by enabling the
"weak mode", it can mostly work with an unstripped .so (or path to the
debug symbols) and an ELF executable.

Best regards,
Emmanuel Lepage
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