KDE Frameworks 5.58.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon May 13 20:50:05 BST 2019

13th May 2019. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.58.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  [baloo_file] Wait for extractor process to start
  [balooctl] Add command to show files failed to index (bug 406116)
  Add QML to source code types
  [balooctl] Capture the constant totalsize in the lambda
  [balooctl] Switch multiline output to new helper
  [balooctl] Use new helper in json output
  [balooctl] Use new helper for simple format output
  [balooctl] Factor out file index status collection from output
  Keep empty Json metadata docs out of DocumentData DB
  [balooshow] Allow referencing files by URL from hardlink
  [balooshow] Suppress warning when URL refers to unindexed file
  [MTimeDB] Allow timestamp newer than the newest document in range match
  [MTimeDB] Use exact match when exact match is requested
  [balooctl] Cleanup handling of different positional arguments
  [balooctl] Extend options help text, improve error checking
  [balooctl] Use more understandable names for size in status output
  [balooctl] clear command: Remove bogus check for documentData, cleanup
  [kio_search] Fix warning, add UDSEntry for "."  in listDir
  Use hex notation for DocumentOperation flag enum
  Calculate total DB size correctly
  Postpone term parsing until needed, do not set both term and searchstring
  Don't add default valued date filters to json
  Use compact Json format when converting query URLs
  [balooshow] Do not print a bogus warning for a non-indexed file

Breeze Icons

  Add non-symbolic 16px versions of find-location and mark-location
  Symlink preferences-system-windows-effect-flipswitch to preferences-system-tabbox
  Add "edit-delete-remove" icon symlink and add 22px version of "paint-none" and "edit-none"
  Use consistent default Kickoff user icon
  Add an icon for Thunderbolt KCM
  Sharpen Z's in system-suspend* icons
  Improve "widget-alternatives" icon
  Add go-up/down/next/previous-skip
  Update KDE logo to be closer to original
  Add alternatives icon

Extra CMake Modules

  Bug fix: find c++ stl using regex
  Unconditionally enable -DQT_STRICT_ITERATORS, not just in debug mode


  KTar: Protect against negative longlink sizes
  Fix invalid memory write on malformed tar files
  Fix memory leak when reading some tar files
  Fix uninitialized memory use when reading malformed tar files
  Fix stack-buffer-overflow read on malformed files
  Fix null-dereference on malformed tar files
  Install krcc.h header
  Fix double delete on broken files
  Disallow copy of KArchiveDirectoryPrivate and KArchivePrivate
  Fix KArchive::findOrCreate running out of stack on VERY LONG paths
  Introduce and use KArchiveDirectory::addEntryV2
  removeEntry can fail so it's good to know if it did
  KZip: fix Heap-use-after-free in broken files


  Force KAuth helpers to have UTF-8 support (bug 384294)


  Add support for KBookmarkOwner to communicate if it has tabs open


  Use size hints from the ApplicationItem itself
  Fix Oxygen background gradient for QML modules


  Add Notify capability to KConfigXT


  Fix wrong "Unable to find service type" warnings
  New class KOSRelease - a parser for os-release files


  [KeySequenceItem] Make the clear button have the same height as shortcut button
  Plotter: Scope GL Program to lifespan of scenegraph node (bug 403453)
  KeySequenceHelperPrivate::updateShortcutDisplay: Don't show english text to the user
  [ConfigModule] Pass initial properties in push()
  Enable glGetGraphicsResetStatus support by default on Qt >= 5.13 (bug 364766)


  Install .desktop file for kded5 (bug 387556)


  [TagLibExtractor] Fix crash on invalid Speex files (bug 403902)
  Fix exivextractor crash with malformed files (bug 405210)
  Declare properties as meta type
  Change properties attributes for consistency
  Handle variant list in formatting functions
  Fix for Windows' LARGE_INTEGER type
  Fix (compilation) errors for Windows UserMetaData implementation
  Add missing mimetype to taglib writer
  [UserMetaData] Handle changes in attribute data size correctly
  [UserMetaData] Untangle Windows, Linux/BSD/Mac and stub code


  Copy container in Component::cleanUp before interating
  Don't use qAsConst over a temporary variable (bug 406426)

KHolidays #

  holidays/plan2/holiday_zm_en-gb - add Zambia holidays
  holidays/plan2/holiday_lv_lv - fix Midsummer's Day
  holiday_mu_en - Holidays 2019 in Mauritius
  holiday_th_en-gb - update for 2019 (bug 402277)
  Update Japanese holidays
  Add public holidays for Lower Saxony (Germany)


  tga: don't try to read more than max_palette_size into palette
  tga: memset dst if read fails
  tga: memset the whole palette array, not only the palette_size
  Initialize the unread bits of _starttab
  xcf: Fix uninitialized memory use on broken documents
  ras: Don't overread input on malformed files
  xcf: layer is const in copy and merge, mark it as such


  [FileWidget] Replace "Filter:" with "File type:" when saving with a limited list of mimetypes (bug 79903)
  Newly created 'Link to Application' files have a generic icon
  [Properties dialog] Use the string "Free space" instead of "Disk usage" (bug 406630)
  Fill UDSEntry::UDS_CREATION_TIME under linux when glibc >= 2.28
  [KUrlNavigator] Fix URL navigation when exiting archive with krarc and Dolphin (bug 386448)
  [KDynamicJobTracker] When kuiserver isn't available, also fall back to widget dialog (bug 379887)


  [aboutpage] hide Authors header if there are no authors
  Update qrc.in to match .qrc (missing ActionMenuItem)
  Make sure we don't squeeze out the ActionButton (bug 406678)
  Pages: export correct contentHeight/implicit sizes
  [ColumnView] Also check for index in child filter..
  [ColumnView] Don't let mouse back button go back beyond first page
  header has immediately the proper size


  [KUiServerJobTracker] Track kuiserver service life time and re-register jobs if needed


  Remove pixelated border (bug 391108)


  [Notify by Portal] Support default action and priority hints
  [KNotification] Add HighUrgency
  [KNotifications] Update when flags, urls, or urgency change
  Allow to set urgency for notifications

KPackage Framework

  Add missing properties in kpackage-generic.desktop
  kpackagetool: read kpackage-generic.desktop from qrc
  AppStream generation: make sure we look up for the package structure on packages that have metadata.desktop/json too


  Review kate config pages to improve maintenance friendliness
  Allow to change the Mode, after changing the Highlighting
  ViewConfig: Use new generic config interface
  Fix bookmark pixmap painting on icon bar
  Ensure the left border miss no change of the count of line number digits
  Fix to show folding preview when move the mouse from bottom to top
  Review IconBorder
  Add input methods to input method status bar button
  Paint the folding marker in proper color and make it more visible
  remove default shortcut F6 to show icon border
  Add action to toggle folding of child ranges (bug 344414)
  Retitle button "Close" to "Close file" when a file has been removed on disk (bug 406305)
  up copy-right, perhaps that should be a define, too
  avoid conflicting shortcuts for switching tabs
  KateIconBorder: Fix folding popup width and height
  avoid view jump to bottom on folding changes
  DocumentPrivate: Respect indention mode when block selection (bug 395430)
  ViewInternal: Fix makeVisible(..) (bug 306745)
  DocumentPrivate: Make bracket handling smart (bug 368580)
  ViewInternal: Review drop event
  Allow to close a document whose file was deleted on disk
  KateIconBorder: Use UTF-8 char instead of special pixmap as dyn wrap indicator
  KateIconBorder: Ensure Dyn Wrap Marker are shown
  KateIconBorder: Code cosmetic
  DocumentPrivate: Support auto bracket in block selection mode (bug 382213)


  Fix l/100 km to MPG conversion (bug 378967)

KWallet Framework

  Set correct kwalletd_bin_path
  Export path of kwalletd binary for kwallet_pam


  Add CriticalNotification window type to PlasmaShellSurface protocol
  Implement wl_eglstream_controller Server Interface


  Update kcharselect-data to Unicode 12.1
  KCharSelect's internal model: ensure rowCount() is 0 for valid indexes


  Introduce CriticalNotificationType
  Document that modToStringUser and stringUserToMod only deal with english strings


  KKeySequenceWidget: Don't show English strings to the user


  WireGuard: Do not require 'private-key' to be non-empty for 'private-key-flags'
  WireGuard: workaround wrong secret flag type
  WireGuard: private-key and preshared-keys can be requested together

Plasma Framework

  PlatformComponentsPlugin: fix plugin iid to QQmlExtensionInterface
  IconItem: remove remaining & unused smooth property bits
  [Dialog] Add CriticalNotification type
  Fix wrong group names for 22, 32 px in audio.svg
  make the mobile text toolbar appear only on press
  use the new Kirigami.WheelHandler
  Add more icon sizes for audio, configure, distribute
  [FrameSvgItem] Update filtering on smooth changes
  Air/Oxygen desktoptheme: fix progressbar height using "hint-bar-size"
  Fix stylesheet support for audio-volume-medium
  Update audio, drive, edit, go, list, media, plasmavault icons to match breeze-icons
  Align z's to pixel grid in system.svg
  use the mobiletextcursor from proper namespace
  [FrameSvgItem] Respect smooth property
  Oxygen desktoptheme: add padding to hands, against jagged outline on rotation
  SvgItem, IconItem: drop "smooth" property override, update node on change
  Support gzipping of svgz also on windows, using 7z
  Air/Oxygen desktoptheme: fix hand offsets with hint-*-rotation-center-offset
  Add invokable public API for emitting contextualActionsAboutToShow
  Breeze desktoptheme clock: support hand shadow offset hint of Plasma 5.16
  Keep desktoptheme SVG files uncompressed in repo, install svgz
  separe mobile text selection to avoid recursive imports
  Use more appropriate "Alternatives" icon and text
  FrameSvgItem: add "mask" property


  Aztec: Fix padding if the last partial codeword is all one bits


  Avoid nesting Controls in TextField (bug 406851)
  make the mobile text toolbar appear only on press
  [TabBar] Update height when TabButtons are added dynamically
  use the new Kirigami.WheelHandler
  Support custom icon size for ToolButton
  It compile fine without foreach


  [Fstab] Add support for non-network filesystems
  [FsTab] Add cache for device file system type
  [Fstab] Preparatory work for enabling filesystems beyond NFS/SMB
  Fix no member named 'setTime_t' in 'QDateTime' error while building (bug 405554)

Syntax Highlighting

  Add syntax highlighting for fish shell
  AppArmor: don't highlight variable assignments and alias rules within profiles

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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