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David Faure faure at
Fri Mar 29 09:35:32 GMT 2019

On jeudi 28 mars 2019 16:56:33 CET laurent Montel wrote:
> CI: sometime I look at it, sometime not, sometime some guys informs me that
> it's broken (I remember that Luca told me some days ago that a package
> didn't compile, so I fixed it).

I think the solution to all this is quite simple. If you don't want the 
community to impose mandatory code reviews on you, you need to make it part of 
your daily workflow to look at the state of CI for KDEPIM.

If you go to, Applications, Everything kf5-qt5, and sort by 
status, you can see what's currently broken (red = compilation broken, yellow 
= unittests failing).

I do this (on a frequency matching my own contributions) for all of 
Frameworks, so I'm often the one pinging others about broken unittests. 
Someone (who is not Ben) needs to do this for PIM, and as the most frequent 
contributor, it would make sense for you to do it -- you'd often catch your 
own breakages that way :)

@Ben : do you think it would be possible to have a PIM view on, 
with only the kde/pim/* repos?

(I also wish there was a linux-only view, given that Windows and FreeBSD have 
their own set of problems. Not that I want to ignore them, I did fix things in 
KF5 for those platforms - but once we get to a completely green state on Linux 
(which typically happens first), it would be extremely useful to be able to 
check in one glance that it stays that way.)

@Laurent : do you also have permissions to log into and trigger 
a build? I find this useful, to fix temporary CI problems, like
which failed with a weird "OSError: [Errno 26] Text file busy: '/home/
Going one level up, I can click on, well, "Lancer un build" (why is this damn 
thing in French --- well, Frenglish? ;) ), to give it another chance.

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