CI system maintainability

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Mar 28 16:43:36 GMT 2019

Am Donnerstag, 28. März 2019, 16:04:01 CET schrieb Boudhayan Gupta:
> I don't care if you lose time. I don't want the guys building my house to
> cut corners mixing my concrete because it's going to save time.

There is a difference here though, no? The people building your house will 
not live in that house. They only make money from building, so: less effort & 
lesser time for same money received -> better.

We here create software we use ourselves, no? So we are building our own 
house, and would not be expected to cut corners on our own grounds.

> As a user, I simply do not want unreviewed crap running on my computer.
> Yes, crap, because no software engineer writes bug-free code all the time,
> and if you're so overconfident that you don't need reviews on even your
> one-liners, you're probably too overconfident to be writing good code
> anyway, so I'm going to operate on the presumption that if the code hasn't
> had more than one pair of eyeballs ever looking at it, it's crap.

Hmmm... (I cannot stop myself typing the following :) )

In that case, I have to immediately notify you to make sure that you remove 
Okteta from any of the devices you have reach to, if you even ever installed 
it, best recommend your distribution to delete the package. Because 
shockingly all the >4000 commits of its >100k lines of code have been done 
without review. So it surely is an insane pile of crap by presumption, unless 
finally someone will give it another pair of eyeballs.

Though I assume no-one is using it anyway, given there are so few bugs 
reported ;)

> As a developer, I know that even one-liners, and especially one-liners, the
> sort where you think "meh, this is a tiny little thing, I don't have to be
> careful" are the ones that have the most dangerous typos and unintended
> bugs. Reviews catch that.

This sounds to me like review is magically preventing bugs.
Well, it increases the chance things get catched. Though reviews also 
increase the chance to be sloppy, as there is: review to catch that. Then 
after all is the reviewer also a developer, who also only sees a one-liner, 
where they think "meh, this is a tiny little thing, I don't have to be 

A review is only useful if the reviewers are qualified and invest the proper 

I prefer one responsible experienced developer over an unresponsible 
unexperienced developer & unresponsible unexperienced reviewer any time.

More I prefer of course one responsible experienced developer & one 
responsible experienced reviewer :)

Based on my personal experience bubble, not by any scientific means.


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