CI system maintainability

Nate Graham nate at
Thu Mar 28 14:15:23 GMT 2019

With regards to the discussion about mandatory code review, I think it's important to avoid immediately rushing to create new policy as a result of a particular event or abuse. It's always tempting to try to put in place a rule that would have avoided the problem if it had existed and was being followed, but usually in these circumstances, existing rules or conventions were already being violated. So adding new ones usually doesn't help as much as people would want because they don't address the underlying issue of why rules are being broken in the first place.

In this case, it seems like the problem is that there are certain individuals or teams that are pushing risky, breaking changes without code review, and then ignoring failures in the CI. I think we might do well to try to answer the question of why that's happening before we create a new rule aimed at stopping it.


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