KDE Frameworks 5.56.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Mar 9 09:37:43 GMT 2019

09th March 2019. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.56.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  Replace several Q_ASSERTs with proper checks
  Check string length to avoid crash for "tags:/" URL
  [tags_kio] Fix local file tagging by checking only tag: urls for double slashes
  Hardcoding the Remaining Time Update Interval
  Fix regression for matching explicitly included folders
  Cleanup idempotent entries from mimetype mapper table
  [baloo/KInotify] Notify if folder was moved from unwatched place (bug 342224)
  Handle folders matching substrings of included/excluded folders correctly
  [balooctl] Normalize include/exclude pathes before using it for the config
  Optimize Baloo::File copy assign operator, fix Baloo::File::load(url)
  Use content to determine mime type (bug 403902)
  [Extractor] Exclude GPG encrypted data from being indexed (bug 386791)
  [balooctl] Actually abort a malformed command instead of just saying so
  [balooctl] Add missing help for "config set", normalize string
  Replace recursive isDirHidden with iterative one, allow const argument
  Make sure only directories are added to the inotify watcher

Breeze Icons

  Add code-oss icon
  [breeze-icons] Add video camera icons
  [breeze-icons] Use new suspend, hibernate and switch user icons in Breeze icon theme
  Add 16 px and 22 px versions of the gamepad icon to devices/
  Make Breeze theme tooltip texts consistent
  Add battery icons
  Rename "visibility" and "hint" icons to "view-visible" and "view-hidden"
  [breeze-icons] Add monochrome/smaller SD card and memory stick icons (bug 404231)
  Add device icons for drones
  Change C/C++ header/source mimetype icons to circle/line style
  Fix missing shadows on C/C++ header mimetype icons (bug 401793)
  Remove monochrome font preferences icon
  Improve font selection icon
  Use new bell-style icon for all users of preferences-desktop-notification (bug 404094)
  [breeze-icons] Add 16px versions of gnumeric-font.svg and link gnumeric-font.svg to font.svg
  Add preferences-system-users symlinks that point to yast-users icon
  Add edit-none icon

Extra CMake Modules

  Fix releaseme checkout when this is included in a sub-directory
  New find module for Canberra
  Update Android toolchain files to reality
  Add compile check to FindEGL


  Use natural sorting in ActivityModel (bug 404149)


  Guard KCompressionDevice::open being called with no backend available (bug 404240)


  Tell people they should mostly be using KF5::AuthCore
  Compile our own helper against AuthCore and not Auth
  Introduce KF5AuthCore


  Replace KIconThemes dependency with equivalent QIcon usage


  Use KCM name in KCM header
  Add missing ifndef KCONFIGWIDGETS_NO_KAUTH
  Adapt to changes in kconfigwidgets
  Sync QML module padding to reflect system setting pages


  Fix for CVE-2013-0779
  QuotedPrintableDecoder::decode: return false on error instead of asserting
  Mark KCodecs::uuencode does nothing
  nsEUCKRProber/nsGB18030Prober::HandleData don't crash if aLen is 0
  nsBig5Prober::HandleData: Don't crash if aLen is 0
  KCodecs::Codec::encode: Don't assert/crash if makeEncoder returns null
  nsEUCJPProbe::HandleData: Don't crash if aLen is 0


  Write valid UTF8 characters without escaping (bug 403557)
  KConfig: handle directory symlinks correctly


  Skip benchmark if no scheme files can be found
  Add a note for KF6 to use the core version of KF5::Auth
  Cache the default KColorScheme configuration


  Create tel: links for phone numbers


  use KPackage::fileUrl to support rcc KCMs packages
  [GridDelegate] Fix long labels blending into each other (bug 404389)
  [GridViewKCM] improve contrast and legibility for delegates' inline hover buttons (bug 395510)
  Correct the accept flag of the event object on DragMove (bug 396011)
  Use different "None" item icon in grid view KCMs


  kdesud: KAboutData::setupCommandLine() already sets help & version


  Port cross-compilation support to KF5_HOST_TOOLING
  Only report DocBookXML as found if it was actually found
  Update Spanish entities


  [Extractor] Add metadata to extractors (bug 404171)
  Add extractor for AppImage files
  Cleanup ffmpeg extractor
  [ExternalExtractor] Provide more helpful output when extractor fails
  Format EXIF photo flash data (bug 343273)
  Avoid side effects due to stale errno value
  Use Kformat for bit and sample rate
  Add units to framerate and gps data
  Add string formatting function to property info
  Avoid leaking a QObject in ExternalExtractor
  Handle <a> as container element in SVG
  Check Exiv2::ValueType::typeId before converting it to rational


  ras: fix crash on broken files
  ras: protect the palette QVector too
  ras: tweak max file check
  xcf: Fix uninitialized memory use on broken documents
  add const, helps understand the function better
  ras: tweak max size that "fits" in a QVector
  ras: don't assert because we try to allicate a huge vector
  ras: Protect against divide by zero
  xcf: Don't divide by 0
  tga: fail gracefully if readRawData errors
  ras: fail gracefully on height*width*bpp > length


  kioexec: KAboutData::setupCommandLine() already sets help & version
  Fix crash in Dolphin when dropping trashed file in trash (bug 378051)
  Middle-elide very long filenames in error strings (bug 404232)
  Add support for portals in KRun
  [KPropertiesDialog] Fix group combobox (bug 403074)
  Properly attempt to locate the kioslave bin in $libexec AND $libexec/kf5
  Use AuthCore instead of Auth
  Add icon name to service providers in .desktop file
  Read IKWS search provider icon from desktop file
  [PreviewJob] Also pass along that we're the thumbnailer when stat'ing file (bug 234754)


  remove the broken messing with contentY in refreshabeScrollView
  add OverlayDrawer to the stuff documentable by dozygen
  map currentItem to the view
  proper color to the arrow down icon
  SwipeListItem: make space for the actions when !supportsMouseEvents (bug 404755)
  ColumnView and partial C++ refactor of PageRow
  we can use at most controls 2.3 as Qt 5.10
  fix height of horizontal drawers
  Improve ToolTip in the ActionTextField component
  Add an ActionTextField component
  fix spacing of buttons (bug 404716)
  fix buttons size (bug 404715)
  GlobalDrawerActionItem: properly reference icon by using group property
  show separator if header toolbar is invisible
  add a default page background
  DelegateRecycler: Fix translation using the wrong domain
  Fix warning when using QQuickAction
  Remove some unnecessary QString constructions
  Don't show the tooltip when the drop-down menu is shown (bug 404371)
  hide shadows when closed
  add the needed properties for the alternate color
  revert most of the icon coloring heuristics change
  properly manage grouped properties
  [PassiveNotification] Don't start timer until window has focus (bug 403809)
  [SwipeListItem] Use a real toolbutton to improve usability (bug 403641)
  support for optional alternating backgrounds (bug 395607)
  only show handles when there are visible actions
  support colored icons in action buttons
  always show the back button on layers
  Update SwipeListItem doc to QQC2
  fix logic of updateVisiblePAges
  expose visible pages in pagerow
  hide breadcrumb when the curent page has a toolbar
  support the toolbarstyle page override
  new property in page: titleDelegate to override the title in toolbars


  KRearrangeColumnsProxyModel: make the two column-mapping methods public


  Filter out invalid content in lists
  Fix mem leak found by asan


  port to findcanberra from ECM
  List Android as officially supported

KPackage Framework

  remove kpackage_install_package deprecation warning


  templates: KAboutData::setupCommandLine() already sets help & version


  Install Kross modules to ${KDE_INSTALL_QTPLUGINDIR}


  kbuildsycoca5: no need to repeat work of KAboutData::setupCommandLine()


  try to improve painting height for text lines - bug 403868 avoid to cut _ and other parts still broken: double height things like mixed english/arab, see bug 404713
  Use QTextFormat::TextUnderlineStyle instead of QTextFormat::FontUnderline (bug 399278)
  Make it possible to show all spaces in the document (bug 342811)
  Do not print indent lines
  KateSearchBar: Show also search has wrapped hint in nextMatchForSelection() aka Ctrl-H
  katetextbuffer: refactor TextBuffer::save() to better separate code paths
  Use AuthCore instead of Auth
  Refactor KateViewInternal::mouseDoubleClickEvent(QMouseEvent *e)
  Improvements to completion
  Set the color scheme to Printing for Print Preview (bug 391678)


  Only commit XdgOutput::done if changed (bug 400987)
  FakeInput: add support for pointer move with absolute coordinates
  Add missing XdgShellPopup::ackConfigure
  [server] Add surface data proxy mechanism
  [server] Add selectionChanged signal


  Use correct KStandardGuiItem "no" icon

Plasma Framework

  [Icon Item] Block next animation also based on window visibility
  Show a warning if a plugin requires a newer version
  Bump the theme versions because icons changed, to invalidate old caches
  [breeze-icons] Revamp system.svgz
  Make Breeze theme tooltip texts consistent
  Change glowbar.svgz to smoother style (bug 391343)
  Do background contrast fallback at runtime (bug 401142)
  [breeze desktop theme/dialogs] Add rounded corners to dialogs


  pastebin: don't show progress notifications (bug 404253)
  sharetool: Show shared url on top
  Fix sharing files with spaces or quotes in names via Telegram
  Have ShareFileItemAction provide an output or an error if they are provided (bug 397567)
  Enable sharing URLs via email


  Use PointingHand when hovering links in Label
  Respect the display property of buttons
  clicking on empty areas behaves like pgup/pgdown (bug 402578)
  Support icon on ComboBox
  support text positioning api
  Support icons from local files in buttons
  Use the correct cursor when hovering over the editable part of a spinbox


  Bring FindUDev.cmake up to ECM standards


  Handle the case if createSpeller is passed an unavailable language

Syntax Highlighting

  Fix repository deletion warning
  MustacheJS: also highlight template files, fix syntax and improve support for Handlebars
  make unused contexts fatal for indexer
  Update example.rmd.fold and test.markdown.fold with new numbers
  Install DefinitionDownloader header
  Update octave.xml to Octave 4.2.0
  Improve highlighting of TypeScript (and React) and add more tests for PHP
  Add more highlighting for nested languages in markdown
  Return sorted definitions for file names and mime types
  add missing ref update
  BrightScript: Unary and hex numbers, @attribute
  Avoid duplicate *-php.xml files in "data/CMakeLists.txt"
  Add functions returning all definitions for a mimetype or file name
  update literate haskell mimetype
  prevent assertion in regex load
  cmake.xml: Updates for version 3.14
  CubeScript: fixes line continuation escape in strings
  add some minimal howto for test adding
  R Markdown: improve folding of blocks
  HTML: highlight JSX, TypeScript & MustacheJS code in the <script> tag (bug 369562)
  AsciiDoc: Add folding for sections
  FlatBuffers schema syntax highlighting
  Add some Maxima constans and function

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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