libqaccessibilityclient now in kdereview

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Thu Mar 7 05:17:34 GMT 2019

Am Dienstag, 25. Juli 2017, 13:25:39 CET schrieb Jonathan Riddell:
> libqaccessibilityclient is now in kdereview.  It's in a git repo
> called libkdeaccessibilityclient but we filed a sysadmin request to
> rename it.
> We just released 0.2.0 in unstable (for some reason 0.1.1 was released
> in stable some years ago).
> What is it?
> ========
> Since it's hard to grasp all the bits related to accessibility, I'll try to
> explain what the lib is for.
> Most of the stack is part of Qt 5, so nothing to worry about, that's the
> part that lets applications expose their UI over DBus for AT-SPI, so they
> work nicely with assisitve tools (e.g. Orca). In accessibility language,
> the applications act as "servers" and the screen reader for example is a
> client.
> This library is for writing clients, so applications that are assistive,
> such as screen readers. It currently has two users: KMag and Simon.
> KMag can use it to follow the focus (e.g. when editing text, it can
> automatically magnify the part of the document where the cursor is.
> For Simon Listens, the use is to be able to let the user trigger menus and
> buttons by voice input.

Soon it will be 2 years that libqaccessibilityclient entered kdereview, and I 
just found it seems to be still in that state, at least by what repo-metadata 
claims and given no emails to the thread which sonud like review done&over.
I came across it when compiling kmag myself, where the optional dep on this 

It is not on Possibly it is not clear yet where this library 
should end up, given there is no separate kdereview product group?

Where should it end, "Extragear"? "KDE Applications"?

Given Simon seems struggling, and KMag will not get a visum for wayland, are 
there still plans for a future, with other customers/clients? I see there have 
been a row of commits last November, incl. the 0.3.0 release, so seems there 
is some plan? 

In any case, would be good to complete the review process. To binary bin or to 
released & maintained product group.

When trying to build kmag, I found that the CMake Config files of the then 
latest libqaccessibilityclient master version were not up to modern standards 
(missing ConfigVersion.cmake file, no include dir set on imported target, 
missing deps check). I pushed some fixes for that directly, given my 
confidence in related cmake experience over what was currently in the code. 

Also fixed directly the search for Qt modules which was done without checking 
the result, And introduced the BUILD_TESTING option as known from elsewhere, 
to allow controlling whether to build the tests (and examples).

And some more clean-up for things that jumped to me from the cmake code.

Please give the commits some post-push review, though it should be fine, 
following usual coding seen elsewhere.

Actually there is more I would change, but that might get more invasive (e,g. 
using GNUInstallDirs or KDEInstallDirs) and needs more discussion/testing, so 
I would go for normal patch review then. But before that, I would like to see 
the kdereview process finished as well as having a normal build 
of it :)

Would be good to also have state on the last comments in this thread:
* does not compile with clang <- cannot easily check myself, so no idea
* autotests need Qt5Test, but if the dependency is not installed,
  fails silently <- should be fixed by commit d01385005c5d (BUILD_TESTING)


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