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Sat Dec 28 20:04:33 GMT 2019

On Sat, Dec 28, 2019 at 6:38 PM Friedrich W. H. Kossebau
<kossebau at> wrote:
> That one is a blocker though to pass kdereview, for what I understand from
> as linked from
> At least personally I would expect this to be a minimum requirement for
> software created officially in the KDE community. Perhaps new generation of
> KDE develpoers thinks differently, but in that case please reconsider whether
> i18n is not a fundamental need :)

I don't think anybody disagrees with the fact that it is needed. :)
In any case, for the benefit of other people following the list who
may not yet be aware, there is now a MR being worked on which
integrates KI18n in Keysmith.

> > > * uses own "ENABLE_TESTING", not "BUILD_TESTING" flag from
> > > KDECompilerSettings>
> > >   proposed:
> > >   + switch flag use to BUILD_TESTING
> > >   - remove option(ENABLE_TESTING "Enable tests" ON)
> > >   - remove enable_testing() (done by KDECompilerSettings)
> My bad, s/KDECompilerSettings/KDECMakeSettings/g here.
> > I'm not entirely sure what the origins of this are but see also the CI
> > template for building flatpaks:
> >
> > yml As you can see from the example usage the `-DENABLE_TESTING` flag is
> > suggested there.
> >
> > Speaking as a developer I don't really care what it is called, but I
> > would like it to be on by default. Is that the case for
> Main motivation here is consistency in the code created in the KDE community,
> so people working across KDE projects do not have to switch mind all the time.
> Yes, BUILD_TESTING is ON by default, either indirectly via CTest or explicit,
> see$190 and
> module/CTest.html

This is now 'done' in Keysmith master.

Thanks again for all your help and feedback!


 - Johan

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