CMake config & target challenges on moving to KF5 namespace; dir structure & API dox (Re: Submitting Grantlee as a KF5 Framework)

Stephen Kelly steveire at
Sat Dec 21 22:32:10 GMT 2019

On 21/12/2019 19:12, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau wrote:
> Am Samstag, 21. Dezember 2019, 13:03:17 CET schrieb Stephen Kelly:
>> Great, Grantlee is now available at git at
>> I've pushed a few commits to make it depend on ECM etc.
>> Once the review period is finished it can be part of KF5 releases.
> There are quite some things which yet need to be done for now:
> to be a true KF module there is a set of policies which needs to be met, see
> 1) Framework directory structure:
>     moving stuff into src/, autotests/ & docs/
> 2) Framework documentation:
>     current system needs adaption to both online (KApiDox) and
>     offline (ECMAddQCH) systems

Cool, I wonder if there's another multi-library framework for comparison?

> Another challenge would be moving into the KF5 namespace for the library
> artifacts (at least I would expect/recommend this to happen, for consistent
> user experience)
> a) include dirs below subdir KF5/
> b) CMake modules with KF5 prefix
> c) CMake imported target in KF5 namespace

I don't support changing things like this in the KF5 timeframe.

> Now, the question is if we want Grantlee to be backwards-compatible after the
> move into KDE Frameworks, or if some breakage is possible?
> When it comes to CMake targets & modules, the first challenge is:
> Grantlee5 supports components, "Templates" & "TextDocument". To allow people
> doing e.g.
> --- 8< ---
> find_package(Grantlee5 CONFIG COMPONENTS Templates)
> --- 8< ---
> So when Grantlee becomes a component in KF5 itself, so people would use for
> finding it
> --- 8< ---
> find_package(KF5 CONFIG COMPONENTS Grantlee)
> --- 8< ---
> these two, "Templates" & "TextDocument", would need to become subcomponents.
> Which though is a concept CMake does not support.
> So what to do here? Split Grantlee into two separate libs, with separate CMake
> config files? Done by KF5NewStuff, where one repo provides 2 separate configs.
> Or just merge and do not allow making dep chain more narrow (Grantlee's
> TextDocument pulls in QtGui as dep, so fails if no devel package not present)?
> Then Grantlee's CMake module brings two namespaced imported targets:
> * Grantlee5::Templates
> * Grantlee5::TextDocument
> With Grantlee being part of KDE Frameworks, one would expect to have targets
> named like
> * KF5::GrantleeTemplates
> * KF5::GrantleeTextDocument
> or similar.

I'm fine with any of this kind of stuff in the KF6 timeframe.

> Just, seems CMake does not expect the use case of exporting targets with
> different names, there is only one property available to set the base name,
> cmp. current
> --- 8< ---
> set_property(TARGET Grantlee_Templates PROPERTY EXPORT_NAME Templates)
> --- 8< ---
> So when wanting to keep backward compatibility, we are stuck here with the old
> basenames.
> Do you know any simple trick to have a separate CMake config file with
> separate imported targets, which still refer to the same library executable?
> Never done myself, so no idea what could be done. Doing a separate target and
> exporting that one will fail possibly once trying to set OUTPUT_NAME property
> to the same,
> Perhaps one could do a manual cmake config file which has the old one as
> find_dependency and then defines an alias target on the imported target?

I don't think any of this matters in the KF6 timeframe.



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