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Martin Koller kollix at
Mon Apr 15 10:16:26 BST 2019

On Sonntag, 14. April 2019 23:34:43 CEST Luca Beltrame wrote:
> Il giorno Sun, 14 Apr 2019 16:43:54 +0200
> Martin Koller <kollix at> ha scritto:
> > The cmake file is the ultimate source for specifying what the
> > application depends on. Adding this somewhere else will easily get
> READMEs can be useful for packagers instead of manually watching the
> output of CMake or reading CMakelists.txt (fine for simpler projects,
> but not for large ones).

since in this case we are talking about required software,
the packager will not get the app compiled.
I assume this will hit his attention.
I would understand that optional dependencies are different since the app
would build but not with all options.

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