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Fri Apr 12 11:48:17 BST 2019

On Sunday, March 10, 2019 1:25:14 PM CEST Martin Koller wrote:
> since some time has already passed and there was no conclusion, I'll try
> once again to announce liquidshell.

# Documentation issues

The features list, both in German and English, lists a bunch of features that 
distinguish it from, say, twm, not from Plasma.

The feature list in English doesn't match the one in German. The English one 
includes dubious claims such as "instant startup" and "low memory footprint", 
which I'd still want to see measured and/or demonstrated.

Typo's in (English) README.

# License issues

None, actually. Well done. Consistent use of GPLv3+ everywhere. You might want 
to add SPDX identifiers, but that would be the icing on the cake.

# Source issues

Doesn't report nicely at end of CMake (use FeatureSummary).

Ancient CMake and Qt versions listed as "minimum" (that's ok, I guess).

Unusual source layout and file suffixes (again, I guess it's ok, just weird 
and being difficult).

Poor C++11 hygiene (include guards, conversions, nullptr).

# Compatibility issues

Fails to document that NetworkManager and BlueZ are required. 

Uses bash for things that are POSIX shell scripts.

Those (two items) above are symptoms of "liquidshell is a shell for Martin 
Koller and people with exactly his computer setup and workflow". Since the KDE 
community has traditionally produced general, flexible software, it's weird to 
have a restricted, limited, non-flexible product as well.

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