CI system maintainability

Jos van den Oever jos at
Mon Apr 1 00:57:38 BST 2019

On Thursday, March 28, 2019 7:40:09 AM CEST Ben Cooksley wrote:
> At this point given the amount of effort required to maintain a CI
> system vs. the amount of care actually being given by some developers
> (who are ignoring it's failure emails) it becomes questionable whether
> the effort is worth the return (and if not, we should just shut it
> down)

In the large thread CI and code review are intertwined. They do not need to 

The issue brought up is failing CI. The solution is to not allow merges to 
shared branches until CI has checked your patch.

If you want to a particular branch to be merged to a shared branch, do this:
 - push your code to the kde git server as a branch that is up to date with 
the branch that you want to merge with
 - CI will run on the branch you pushed (it should monitor each branch of each 
repo for changes)
 - after CI succeeds, it's now possible to merge the graph on the intended 
branch. If CI has failed, the git push will give an error. The error message 
contains an URL where you can read the error and, for cases where CI is 
fickle, restart the CI.

This can all work independently of a system like Phabricator or GitLab, but 
does require some setup.

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