KDE Frameworks 5.50.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Sep 8 09:34:45 BST 2018

08th September 2018. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.50.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.

New framework in this release: Syndication, an RSS parser library.


  Add support for proposed tags addition in OCS 1.7


  Fixed a typo in the index size output (bug 397843)
  Remove src not dest url when a url is newly unindexable
  [tags_kio] Simplify the filename path query matching by using a capture group
  Revert "Skip queueing newly unindexable files and remove them from the index immediately."
  [tags_kio] Simplify file path lookup while loop

Breeze Icons

  Add LabPlot project file icon
  ScalableTest, add "scalable" plasma-browser-integration (bug 393999)

Extra CMake Modules

  Bindings: Check if bindings can be generated for a specific python version
  Bindings: Make generator forward compatible with Python 3
  Disable alteration of QT_PLUGIN_PATH by ECM when running tests
  Bindings: Add support for scoped enums (bug 397154)
  Make it possible for ECM to detect po files at configure time

Framework Integration

  [KStyle] Use dialog-question for question icon


  handle non-ASCII encodings of file names in tar archives (bug 266141)
  KCompressionDevice: don't call write after WriteError (bug 397545)
  Add missing Q_OBJECT macros for QIODevice subclasses
  KCompressionDevice: propagate errors from QIODevice::close() (bug 397545)
  Fix bzip main page


  Use custom QScrollArea with size hint not limited by font size (bug 389585)


  Remove warning about old kiosk feature that no longer applies
  Set system default shortcut Ctrl+0 for "Actual Size" action


  Don't remove space between two url when line start with " (kmail bug)
  KPluginLoader: use '/' even on Windows, libraryPaths() returns paths with '/'
  KPluginMetaData: convert empty string to empty stringlist


  Revert "ensure we are always writing in the engine's root context"
  Attach property to "delegate" (bug 397367)
  [KCM GridDelegate] Use layer effect only on OpenGL backend (bug 397220)


  add acronym ASCII to general.entities
  add JSON to general.entities
  Let meinproc5 be more verbose in 'install' auto test
  In kdoctools_install test use absolute pathes to find installed files


  Add enum alias Property::Language for typo Property::Langauge

KHolidays #

  Implement proper equinox and solstice calculation algorithm (bug 396750)
  src/CMakeLists.txt - install headers the frameworks-way


  Assert if trying to use a KCatalog without a QCoreApplication
  Port ki18n from QtScript to QtQml
  Check the build directory for po/ as well


  Set breeze as fallback icon theme


  [KSambaShareData] Accept spaces in ACL host name
  [KFileItemListProperties] Use mostLocalUrl for capabilities
  [KMountPoint] Also check "smb-share" for whether it's an SMB mount (bug 344146)
  [KMountPoint] Resolve gvfsd mounts (bug 344146)
  [KMountPoint] Remove traces of supermount
  [KMountPoint] Remove AIX and Windows CE support
  Display mounted file system type and mounted from fields in properties dialog (bug 220976)
  kdirlistertest doesn't fail at random
  [KUrlComboBox] Fix KIcon porting error
  Port KPATH_SEPARATOR "hack" to QDir::listSeparator, added in Qt 5.6
  Fixes memory leak in KUrlComboBox::setUrl
  [KFileItem] Don't read directory comment on slow mounts
  Use QDir::canonicalPath instead
  Ignore NTFS hidden flag for root volume (bug 392913)
  Give the "invalid directory name" dialog a cancel button
  KPropertiesDialog: switch to label in setFileNameReadOnly(true)
  Refine wording when a folder with an invalid name could not be created
  Use appropriate icon for a cancel button that will ask for a new name
  Make read-only filenames selectable
  Use title case for some button labels
  Use KLineEdit for folder name if folder has write access, else use QLabel
  KCookieJar: fix wrong timezone conversion


  support fillWidth for items
  guard against external deletion of pages
  always show the header when we are in collapsible mode
  fix showContentWhenCollapsed behavior
  fix holes in menus in Material style
  standard actionsmenu for the page contextmenu
  Explicitly request Qt 5.7's QtQuick to make use of Connections.enabled
  use Window color instead of a background item
  make sure the drawer closes even when pushing a new
  export separatorvisible to the globaltoolbar
  Fix the Kirigami QRC static plugin generation
  Fix the build in LTO static mode
  Ensure drawerOpen property is synced correctly (bug 394867)
  drawer: Display the content widget when dragging
  Allow qrc assets to be used in Actions icons
  ld on old gcc (bug 395156)


  Deprecate KFilterProxySearchLine


  Cache providerId


  Support libcanberra for audio notification


  KBuildSycoca: always process application desktop files


  Turn enum Kate::ScriptType into an enum class
  correct error handling for QFileDevice and KCompressedDevice
  InlineNotes: Do not print inline notes
  Remove QSaveFile in favor of plain old file saving
  InlineNotes: Use screen global coordinates everywhere
  InlineNote: Initialize position with Cursor::invalid()
  InlineNote: Pimpl inline note data without allocs
  Add inline note interface
  Show text preview only if main window is active (bug 392396)
  Fix crash when hiding the TextPreview widget (bug 397266)
  Merge ssh://git.kde.org/ktexteditor
  improve hidpi rendering of icon border
  Improve vim color theme (bug 361127)
  Search: Add workaround for missing icons in Gnome icon-theme
  fix overpainting for _ or letters like j in the last line (bug 390665)
  Extend Scripting API to allow executing commands
  Indentation script for R
  Fix crash when replacing \n around empty lines (bug 381080)
  remove highlighting download dialog
  no need to new/delete hash on each doHighlight, clearing it is good enough
  ensure we can handle invalid attribute indices that can happen as left overs afer HL switch for a document
  let smart pointer handle deletion of objects, less manual stuff to do
  remove map to lookup additional hl properties
  KTextEditor uses the KSyntaxHighlighting framework for all
  use character encodings as provided by the definitions
  Merge branch 'master' into syntax-highlighting
  non-bold text no longer renders with font weight thin but (bug 393861)
  non-bold text no longer renders with font weight thin but (bug 393861)
  use foldingEnabled
  remove EncodedCharaterInsertionPolicy
  Printing: Respect footer font, fix footer vertical position, make header/footer separator line visually lighter
  Merge branch 'master' into syntax-highlighting
  let syntax-highlighting framework handle all definition management now that there is the None definition around in the repo
  completion widget: fix minimum header section size
  Fix: Scroll view lines instead of real lines for wheel and touchpad scrolling (bug 256561)
  remove syntax test, that is now tested in the syntax-highlighting framework itself
  KTextEditor configuration is now application local again, the
  KTextEditor configuration is now application local again, the
  Use KSyntaxHighlighting::CommentPosition instead of KateHighlighting::CSLPos
  Use isWordWrapDelimiter() from KSyntaxHighlighting
  Rename isDelimiter() to isWordDelimiter()
  implement more lookup stuff via format -> definition link
  we now always get valid formats
  nicer way to get attribute name
  fix python indentation test, safer acessor to property bags
  add right definition prefixes again
  Merge branch 'syntax-highlighting' of git://anongit.kde.org/ktexteditor into syntax-highlighting
  try to bring back lists needed to do the configuration per scheme
  Use KSyntaxHighlighting::Definition::isDelimiter()
  make can break bit more like in word code
  no linked list without any reason
  cleanup properties init
  fix order of formats, remember definition in highlighting bag
  handle invalid formats / zero length formats
  remove more old implementation parts, fixup some accessors to use the format stuff
  fix indentation based folding
  remove exposure of context stack in doHighlight + fix ctxChanged
  start to store folding stuff
  rip out highlighting helpers, no longer needed
  remove need to contextNum, add FIXME-SYNTAX marker to stuff that needs to be fixed up properly
  adapt to includedDefinitions changes, remove contextForLocation, one only needs either keywords for location or spellchecking for location, can be implemented later
  remove more no longer used syntax highlighting things
  fixup the m_additionalData and the mapping for it a bit, should work for attributes, not for context
  create initial attributes, still without real attribute values, just a list of something
  call the highlighting
  derive from abstract highlighter, set definition

KWallet Framework

  Move example from techbase to own repo


  Sync set/send/update methods
  Add serial number and EISA ID to OutputDevice interface
  Output device color curves correction
  Fix memory management in WaylandOutputManagement
  Isolate every test within WaylandOutputManagement
  OutputManagement fractional scaling


  Create a first example of the use of KMessageBox
  Fix two bugs in KMessageWidget
  [KMessageBox] Call style for icon
  Add workaround for labels with word-wrapping (bug 396450)


  Make Konqi look good in HiDPI
  Add missing parenthese


  Require NetworkManager 1.4.0 and newer
  manager: add support to R/W the GlobalDnsConfiguration property
  Actually allow to set the refresh rate for device statistics

Plasma Framework

  Workaround bug with native rendering and opacity in TextField text (bug 396813)
  [Icon Item] Watch KIconLoader icon change when using QIcon (bug 397109)
  [Icon Item] Use ItemEnabledHasChanged
  Get rid of deprecated QWeakPointer usage
  Fix style sheet for 22-22-system-suspend (bug 397441)
  Improve Widgets' removal and configure text


  solid/udisks2: Add support for categorized logging
  [Windows Device] Show device label only if there is one
  Force reevaluation of Predicates if interfaces are removed (bug 394348)


  hunspell: Restore build with hunspell <=v1.5.0
  Include hunspell headers as system includes

Syntax Highlighting

  highlight 20000 lines per testcase
  make highlighting benchmark more reproducable, we anyways want to measure this execution with e.g. perf from the outside
  Tune KeywordList lookup & avoid allocations for implicit capture group
  remove captures for Int, never implemented
  deterministic iteration of tests for better result comparison
  handle nested include attributes
  update Modula-2 highlighting (bug 397801)
  precompute attribute format for context & rules
  avoid word delimiter check at start of keyword (bug 397719)
  Add syntax highlighting for SELinux kernel policy language
  Add syntax highlighting for SELinux kernel policy language
  hide bestCandidate, can be static function inside file
  Add some improvements to kate-syntax-highlighter for use in scripting
  added := as a valid part of an identifier
  use our own input data for benchmarking
  try to fix line ending issue in compare of results
  try trivial diff output for Windows
  add defData again for valid state check
  decrease StateData space by more than 50% and half the number of needed mallocs
  improve performance of Rule::isWordDelimiter and KeywordListRule::doMatch
  Improve skip offset handling, allow to skip full line on no match
  check extensions wildcard list
  more asterisk hl, I tried some asterisk configs, they are just ini style, use .conf as ini ending
  fix highlighting for #ifdef _xxx stuff (bug 397766)
  fix wildcards in files
  MIT relicensing of KSyntaxHighlighting done
  JavaScript: add binaries, fix octals, improve escapes & allow Non-ASCII identifiers (bug 393633)
  Allow to turn of the QStandardPaths lookups
  Allow to install syntax files instead of having them in a resource
  handle context switch attributes of the contexts themself
  change from static lib to object lib with right pic setting, should work for shared + static builds
  avoid any heap allocation for default constructed Format() as used as "invalid"
  honor cmake variable for static vs. dynamic lib, like e.g. karchive
  MIT relicensing, https://phabricator.kde.org/T9455
  remove old add_license script, no longer needed
  Fix includedDefinitions, handle definition change in context switch (bug 397659)
  SQL: various improvements and fix if/case/loop/end detection with SQL (Oracle)
  fix reference files
  SCSS: update syntax. CSS: fix Operator and Selector Tag highlighting
  debchangelog: add Bookworm
  Relicense Dockerfile to MIT license
  Modelines: add byte-order-mark & small fixes
  remove the no longer supported configuration part of the spellchecking that always had just one mode we now hardcode
  Add syntax highlighting support for Stan
  Revert "Modelines: add byte-order-mark & small fixes"
  add back indenter
  Optimize many syntax highlighting files and fix the '/' char of SQL
  Modelines: add byte-order-mark & small fixes
  Relicense modelines.xml to MIT license (bug 198540)
  Add QVector<QPair<QChar, QString>> Definition::characterEncodings() const
  Add bool Definition::foldingEnabled() const
  Add "None" highlighting to repository per default
  Update Logtalk language syntax support
  Add Autodesk EAGLE sch and brd file format to the XML category
  C# highlighting: Prefer C-Style indenter
  AppArmor: update syntax and various improvements/fixes
  Java: add binaries & hex-float, and support underscores in numbers (bug 386391)
  Cleanup: indentation was moved from general to language section
  Definition: Expose command markers
  Add highlighting of JavaScript React
  YAML: fix keys, add numbers and other improvements (bug 389636)
  Add bool Definition::isWordWrapDelimiter(QChar)
  Definition: Rename isDelimiter() to isWordDelimiter()
  Note KF6 API improvement ideas from the KTE porting
  Provide a valid format for empty lines too
  Make Definition::isDelimiter() also work for invalid definitions
  Definition: Expose bool isDelimiter() const
  Sort returned formats in Definition::formats() by id

Security information

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