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Am Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018, 22:03:16 CEST schrieb Thomas Friedrichsmeier:
> 1. When invoking RKWard from the Application Menu, always start a new
> instance.
> 2. When invoking RKWard from Open With..., always open the file in an
> existing RKWard instance (if any).
> We already have a command line parameter "--reuse" to select the
> desired behavior. But how to fit both into a single .desktop file?

the .desktop files of kate an RKWard are actually not that different.

the important difference seems to be the very behaviour of the tools 
themselves: kate is always launched using "kate -b %U", and if "%U" happens to 
be empty, it launches a new instance, if not it tries to open it in a running 

currently, RKWard is being launched "rkward -qwindowtitle %c" to get new 
instances, and "rkward --reuse %F" to open files in existing ones, by the two 
.desktop files, respectively.

now, RKWard reuses a running instance regardless of "%F" if launched with "--
reuse". so in order to have it all in one desktop file, we'd have to change 
RKWard's behaviour: if launched given a file, try to reuse a running session, 
if not start a new one. this would probably render the "--reuse" parameter 

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