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On Freitag, 12. Oktober 2018 22:03:16 CEST Thomas Friedrichsmeier wrote:


> > QGuiApplication should include ability for single instance application
> > rather than having separate .desktop files for it.
> Not quite what we want. Having several instances is quite ok (one for
> each of several "projects"), _except_ that's very unlikely to be the
> thing a user wants when selecting to open several .R-files (all files
> should go into the same "project"). So what we are looking for is:
> 1. When invoking RKWard from the Application Menu, always start a new
> instance.
> 2. When invoking RKWard from Open With..., always open the file in an
> existing RKWard instance (if any).
> We already have a command line parameter "--reuse" to select the
> desired behavior. But how to fit both into a single .desktop file?

That's exactly how kate behaves. Using krunner to start it always creates a new instance. Using the 'Open with' option in dolphin opens the file in an existing instance. Or am I missing something? Maybe, you take a look at kate's .desktop file.



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