Rebase of kopete branch and push it to master

Ivan Čukić ivan.cukic at
Tue Jan 16 08:24:56 GMT 2018

Hi all,

Would it be possible for sysadmins to just rename master ->
master-kde4, and master-kf5 -> master?


On Tue, Jan 16, 2018 at 9:20 AM, Pali Rohár <pali.rohar at> wrote:
> On Tuesday 16 January 2018 09:05:41 Alexander Semke wrote:
>> On 16.01.2018 00:45, Pali Rohár wrote:
>> > Because it does not work.
>> >
>> > remote: Push declined - excessive notifications would be sent
>> > remote: Please file a KDE Sysadmin bug to continue
>> >
>> > Therefore I opened sysadmin ticket T7642 and I was told that I should
>> > discuss about it on kde-core-devel.
>> >
>> If I remember it correctly, we had this problem last year in LabPlot when we
>> decided to bring frameworks into master, too.
>> We then merged frameworks into master (no rebase) and pushed this merge to
>> remote. I think the history is still there in the sense
>> that I can see all those "KDE4Libs->KF5" changes done in the frameworks
>> branch when bringing master into frameworks, etc.
>> Did you try already
>> 1. merge the current master to master-kf5 and finish all the porting stuff
> If you by "merge" means only git merge without git push, then this
> operation does nothing. Commit on top of master branch is also ancestor
> accessible from master-kf5.
>> 2. merge master-kf5 back into master
> See above, it does nothing. And git push (after git merge) is failing.
>> 3. check the history in master
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