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on GCompris side, we hope/plan to mentor 2 students like last year. I
updated the page to add one more task.

Regarding the events: this year, we were planning to skip SoK to focus more
on GCi and GSoC, having the 3 events is too consuming and do not allow us
to progress on our main tasks. There was a bit of change due to the fact
that it was GCi that was skipped but the main point is still there, we
don't have enough time/resource to handle the 3 events.


2018-01-15 1:39 GMT+01:00 Valorie Zimmerman <valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com>:

> I'm very discouraged to see so little movement on this. After skipping GCi
> this past fall, are we now also considering skipping GSoC? Or downsizing
> the number of students we are mentoring?
> Without Ideas we will not get students. More important, we must complete
> the Org application soon, and the Ideas page is the core of that
> application.
> This is good for your team and your project, in the long run. It brings in
> new contributors and fresh ideas.
> If you need some guidance, please read https://google.github.io/
> gsocguides/mentor/defining-a-project-ideas-list.html
> I should have linked to it for the last email.
> Valorie
> On Wed, Jan 10, 2018 at 3:03 PM, Valorie Zimmerman <
> valorie.zimmerman at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hello GSoC mentors, and teams supporting mentors,
>> TL;DR: Fill out https://community.kde.org/GSoC/2018/Ideas; read
>> https://community.kde.org/GSoC. Now.
>> Every year, we've asked for more time to get ramped up for GSoC, and so
>> now is the time for organizations to apply[1]. We have begun to write our
>> application, and  that means that our Ideas page needs to be filled NOW,
>> because that is the prime consideration for the GSoC team once the Org
>> Applications deadline has passed.
>> The quality of our ideas and the guidance they give our students are the
>> most important part of our application. Please begin filling in your ideas
>> now if you have not already, and ensure that that page is comprehensive,
>> accurate and attractive. Including screenshots and other images is allowed,
>> if it enriches the idea for a project. *Please ensure complete information
>> about how to contact the team*; this is crucial.
>> Also, take a look at the landing page https://community.kde.org/GSoC.
>> Experienced mentors agree that:
>> 1. commits must be made before the student proposal is submitted, and
>> linked on that proposal, and
>> 2. that regular communication from the student must be initiated by the
>> student at least weekly, and we expect daily or nearly daily communication
>> with the team in a more informal way.
>> Be sure to point students to that information, as this should lower the
>> number of proposals, while raising the quality.
>> 1. https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/timeline
>> PS: If your team has an Idea, ensure that you have mentors for it, and
>> that those mentors are subscribe to KDE-Soc-Mentor list. Remove any ideas
>> without mentors available, please. Now, before you forget!
>> Valorie
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> http://about.me/valoriez
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