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Martin Kostolný clearmartin at
Sun Jan 14 23:15:59 GMT 2018

You are right, integration of global-menu functionality is copied from appmenu widget code. It is also mentioned in plasma-active-window-control/plugin/README.

I consider it a temporary solution before a proper appmenu datasource is introduced. David Edmundson wrote a while ago that the datasource is on the way but it needs polishing and that I could look into that. I didn't yet have enough time to look it up and dive in but I intend to.

In the meantime I use the copied code. Is it possible to use the existing code without copying? Of course I can prepare a script that would automatically copy it from another repo (plasma-workspace) and patch it but it seems a bit hacky. I also don't know how would I integrate it in cmake including making it work in KDE CI. Should I try to do that? Also there is (I believe) no way to use a private plugin of a different widget.

Is there another way to solve this problem?


PS: It seems my mails to kde-core-devel have sometimes delays more then 1 day before they actually arrive to the archives. Is it normal or there is a problem on my side?

On neděle 14. ledna 2018 23:47:53 CET Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dissabte, 13 de gener de 2018, a les 10:46:01 CET, Martin Kostolný va 
> escriure:
> > 2) On the other hand plasma-active-window-control could be part of
> > kdeplasma-addons because it is multiplatform, has C++ plugin and uses e.g.
> > TaskManager module of Plasma which changes from time to time. So it would
> > be nice to release always compatible version of this widget.
> There seems to be lots of copied code in here.
> Why?
> Cheers,
>   Albert

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