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> Hi,
> A very happy new year to all. Hope you guys are doing good. :)
> Me and Rahul (CC'ed; IRC nick - rahulch) came up with an idea for a
> new application in KDE, and we were hoping to get an opinion on it.
> The central idea behind the app will be to manage the expenses of a
> group of users. As a user, you can create one or more groups, add
> members to them, and add entries for expenses for a given group. You
> can also check the outstanding balances and choose to settle-up with one
> or more members. There will be options for fine-tuning a given entry -
> decide who all have born the total expenditure and by what
> proportions, how should the total expense be divided among the members
> (equally/specific amounts/etc), add pictures for receipts, add
> comments, and so on and so forth.
> We are planning to start off with desktop application with a decentralised
> approach, i.e. the users will hold the data of the shared expenses. Now
> again,
> there is a possibility of tampering with the expenditure so we might need
> to
> set a centralised archived or something similar data set to maintain the
> integrity and persistence of a transaction. We are open to opinions and
> discussions for this also. Further to that we will be building mobile
> application for the users ease of usage and add expenditure on the go.
> After
> all, mobiles are more widely used by user than desktop application.
> For settling up we were thinking of integrating some standard payment
> gateways (PayPal, etc) but I am not sure of how much of this
> integration is possible in KDE. Until then we can just maintain a
> transaction record indicating that members A and B have settled up. We
> were also considering developing a cryptocurrency (we could call it
> KCoin or something) that would serve as a means of payment. Opinions
> are welcome in this particular segment as possibilities can be immense.
> As for maintaining the ledgers, we wanted to implement it using
> blockchain, but again, I am not sure if it can be done in KDE, or if
> we have some libraries that support blockchain implementation, etc.
> An application like this comes in handy when a group of people need to
> manage their regular expenses, and we thought it might be a good idea
> to have something similar in KDE. The target audience for this will be
> college groups, work groups, school groups, etc whoever is entitled to
> shared expenditure. We would love to get your feedback, mainly on the
> feasibility of the features mentioned above.
> Regards,
> Sayan
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