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Martin Koller kollix at aon.at
Wed Jan 10 19:03:39 GMT 2018

On Mittwoch, 10. Jänner 2018 00:05:53 CET Albert Astals Cid wrote:

> > It is already in playground at https://cgit.kde.org/kbackup.git
> Quick notes:
>  * You don't need the setTranslator call in main.cxx there's automagic for 
> that

fixed now

>  * You should remove the kollix at aon.at in the about data and get a 
> bugs.kde.org product

How can I get one ?
>  * Seems there's some issues with i18n, after a quick backup i got
> ...finished slice /home/kdeunstable/kbackup/build/
> backup_2018.01.10-00.02.29_1.tar(I18N_ARGUMENT_MISSING)
> -- Filtered Files: 0(I18N_ARGUMENT_MISSING)

this was already fixed by the awesome translation guys.

>  * What is the Medium: label and the percentage bar after it?

Medium: <number>
is telling you to which medium you are currently writing to, e.g. the first ZIP disk
The application was built when ZIP drives and other smaller removable devices were more
common. Therefore the backup can be split into multiple slices, put onto several media.

The percentage shows how full the medium is right now, and the size to the right of the bar
tells you how much data you can store on it (free space).

>  * How do i get a non full backup? ( i guess it would be an incremental one? )

right. In the profile settings, set the full backup interval to at least 2 days, then start the backup
and it will display "Next backup: Incremental backup"

> Also crashes on Alt+F4

Ah, damned. I introduced this just a few days ago trying to fix a hang on exit with dbus ...
Thanks for finding.

Best regards/Schöne Grüße

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