Phabricator: How to get the email address of contributors?

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Tue Jan 2 22:21:30 GMT 2018

On Wed, Jan 3, 2018 at 10:15 AM, Dominik Haumann <dhaumann at> wrote:
> Hi everyone,

Hi Dominik,

> it just happened to me again, that I want to commit/push a change of
> someone else (first-time contributor) with the correct --author="x y
> <mail...>" data.
> But Phabricator hides the email address, so I either have to ask via
> phabricator messages for the email address, which is time consuming,
> or I simply give up and commit in my own name, claiming work done by
> others.
> Is there a simple way to find out the email address (
> does not work, since phab user accounts seem to be separate).

Identity accounts are required to login to Phabricator. The user
search on Identity however is restricted and only some profiles are

If memory serves:
- everyone can see limited information about developers
- eV members can see all the information about each other
- all other profiles are kept private, with only sysadmins and the
user in question being able to see the profile

It is configured in this way as we have received complaints in the
past for making email addresses public information.
This has especially been the case with Bugzilla, and everyone who logs
into the Forum has an Identity account (so similar groups of people

> Help is very much appreciated. In fact, I would love to simply see the
> correct email addresses, once I am logged into phabricator. Could that
> be done?
> Best regards,
> Dominik


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