kdiff3 status

Michael Reeves reeves.87 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 15 00:34:42 GMT 2018

Just got the code moved to KDE playground. The code builds under kf5/qt 5 
without kde4support. Contextual menu plug-in for dolphin functions as 
expected. Code base has been fully ported but not all features have been 
tested after conversions. Two way merging is fully operational. Reversed 
sorting no longer sorts twice to achieve this. There was never any need for it 
to do so. Fixed a memory leak present since .91. Caused by a call to new whose 
return was never even assigned to a variable. clang-tidy found this and other 
possible issues.
Preference windows needs to be fixed for small screens like mine. Currently 
goes off the bottom of the screen. Not related to kf5 port.
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