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Daniel Vrátil dvratil at
Mon Dec 10 13:49:28 GMT 2018

Hi folks,

back in May I wrote a Plasma applet that serves as a GUI frontend for the pass 
password manager [0]. I blogged about it [1], but then somewhat forgot to make 
a release etc. Recently I started getting some emails from packagers where to 
get a tarballs so I think it's time to get some translations in and start 
doing official releases. Thus I'd like to ask for a review for inclusion in 

The way pass works is it has a directory in which each password is stored in a 
PGP-encrypted file, the name of the file is the name of the password. You can 
also create subfolders to organize the passwords.

The code of the applet is a C++ model that watches said directory and exposes 
its content as a tree. There's also a filter proxy model which uses partial 
string matching code from KDevelop (so you can filter for "jd at f" and it 
matches "john.doe at").
The applet itself sits in systray, when activated it shows the top-level list 
of folders and password. Code-wise it contains a stack of list views, when 
entering a subfolder it pushes a new listview with content of that folder to 
the stack. Selecting a password decrypts it using gpg and puts it into 
clipboard for 45 seconds. After that it clears it from the X clipboard as well 
as Klipper.

There's a bit of mess regarding focus handling in the QML, but the goal was to 
make the applet fully controllable via keyboard, which wasn't easy with my  
QML skills :) 

Looking forward to your feedback,


Daniel Vrátil | dvratil at
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