Adding Kirigami Gallery to kde-sdk

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Thu Aug 9 22:14:21 BST 2018

El dijous, 9 d’agost de 2018, a les 12:06:18 CEST, Luigi Toscano va escriure:
> Albert Astals Cid ha scritto:
> > El diumenge, 24 de juny de 2018, a les 1:18:45 CEST, David Edmundson va
> > escriure:
> >> What would be the situation for releases?
> > 
> > If it's part of kdesdk gets released with KDE Applications like all the other
> > kdesdk repos.
> kirigami-gallery was added to kdesdk in sysadmin/repo-metadata, but it's not 
> yet in the list of the modules officially shipped as part of KDE Applications 
> (sysadmin/release-tools).
> Do we have a final decision on this?

uh oh.

So there's no packages for it for KDE Applications 18.08 being released next week.

Marco, is it fine for you if we get it out with 18.12 or you really wanted to be in 18.08?


> Ciao

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