KDE Frameworks 5.45.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Apr 14 10:55:57 BST 2018

14th April 2018. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.45.0.

KDE Frameworks are 78 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide variety of·
commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well tested·
libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the·
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  Explicitly set content type to form data


  Simplify Term operator&& and ||
  Do not retrieve document ID for skipped result entries
  Do not retrieve mtime from database repeatedly when sorting
  Do not export databasesanitizer by default
  baloodb: Add experimental message
  Introduce baloodb CLI tool
  Introduce sanitizer class
  [FileIndexerConfig] Delay populating folders until actually used
  src/kioslaves/search/CMakeLists.txt - link to Qt5Network following changes to kio
  balooctl: checkDb should also verify the last known url for the documentId
  balooctl monitor: Resume to wait for service

Breeze Icons

  add window-pin icon (bug 385170 add window-pin icon)
  rename 64 px icons added for elisa
  change 32px icons for playlist shuffle and repeat
  Missing icons for inline Messages (bug 392391)
  New icon for Elisa music player
  Add media status icons
  Remove frame around media action icons
  add media-playlist-append and play icons
  add view-media-album-cover for babe

Extra CMake Modules

  Make use of upstream CMake infrastructure to detect the compiler toolchain
  API dox: fix some "code-block" lines to have empty lines before/after
  Add ECMSetupQtPluginMacroNames
  Provide androiddeployqt with all prefix paths
  Include the "stdcpp-path" in the json file
  Resolve symlinks in QML import paths
  Provide QML import paths to androiddeployqt

Framework Integration

  kpackage-install-handlers/kns/CMakeLists.txt - link to Qt::Xml following changes in knewstuff


  Do not assume SQLite works and do not terminate on errors

KDE Doxygen Tools

  Look first for qhelpgenerator-qt5 for help generation


  karchive, kzip: try to handle duplicate files in a bit nicer way
  Use nullptr for passing a null pointer to crc32


  Make it possible to request a plugin configuration module programatically
  Consistently use X-KDE-ServiceTypes instead of ServiceTypes
  Add X-KDE-OnlyShowOnQtPlatforms to KCModule servicetype definition


  KTextToHTML: return when url is empty
  Cleanup m_inotify_wd_to_entry before invalidating Entry pointers (bug 390214)


  Setup QQmlEngine only once in QmlObject


  Add X-KDE-OnlyShowOnQtPlatforms to KDEDModule servicetype definition


  Add entities for Elisa, Markdown, KParts, DOT, SVG to general.entities
  customization/ru: Fix translation of underCCBYSA4.docbook and underFDL.docbook
  Fix duplicate lgpl-notice/gpl-notice/fdl-notice
  customization/ru: Translate fdl-notice.docbook
  change spelling of kwave requested by the maintainer


  taglibextractor: Refactor for better readability


  Don't assert if used incorrectly from dbus (bug 389375)

KHolidays #

  holidays/plan2/holiday_in_en-gb - update holiday file for India (bug 392503)
  This package was not be updated. Perhaps a problem with script
  Reworked the holiday files for Germany (bug 373686)
  Format README.md as the tools expect (with an Introduction section)


  avoid asking for an empty protocol


  Make sure ki18n can build its own translations
  Don't call PythonInterp.cmake in KF5I18NMacros
  Make it possible to generate po files in parallel
  Create a constructor for KLocalizedStringPrivate


  Make KIconEngine export comment accurate
  Avoid an asan runtime error


  Delete IdleSlave having temporary authorization


  Ensure that the model is set when resetResizing is called
  pwd.h isn't present on windows
  Remove Recently Saved This Month and Recently Saved Last Month entries by default
  Have KIO build for Android
  Temporarily disable installation of file ioslave's kauth helper and policy file
  Handle privilege operation confirmation prompts in SlaveBase rather than in KIO::Job
  Improve consistency of "Open With" UI by always showing top app inline
  Fix crash when device emits ready read after job is finished
  Highlight selected items when showing parent folder from the open/save dialog (bug 392330)
  Support NTFS hidden files
  Consistently use X-KDE-ServiceTypes instead of ServiceTypes
  Fix assert in concatPaths when pasting a full path into KFileWidget's lineedit
  [KPropertiesDialog] Support Checksum tab for any local path (bug 392100)
  [KFilePlacesView] Call KDiskFreeSpaceInfo only if neccessary
  FileUndoManager: don't delete non-existing local files
  [KProtocolInfoFactory] Don't clear cache if it had just been built
  Don't try to find an icon for a relative URL either (e.g. '~')
  Use correct item URL for Create New context menu (bug 387387)
  Fix more cases of incorrect parameter to findProtocol
  KUrlCompletion: early return if the URL is invalid like ":/"
  Don't try to find an icon for an empty url


  Bigger icons in mobile mode
  Force a content size into the background style item
  Add InlineMessage type and Gallery app example page
  better heuristics selective coloring
  make loading from local svgs actually work
  support the android icon loading method as well
  use a coloring strategy similar to the former different styles
  [Card] Use own "findIndex" implementation
  kill network transfers if we change icon while running
  first prototype for a delegate recycler
  Allow OverlaySheet clients to omit the built-in close button
  Components for Cards
  Fix ActionButton size
  Make passiveNotifications last longer, so users can actually read them
  Remove unused QQC1 dependency
  ToolbarApplicationHeader layout
  Make it possible to show the title despite having ctx actions


  Actually vote when clicking stars in the list view (bug 391112)

KPackage Framework

  Try to fix the FreeBSD build
  Use Qt5::rcc instead of looking for the executable
  Use NO_DEFAULT_PATH to ensure the right command is picked up
  Look also for prefixed rcc executables
  set component for correct qrc generation
  Fix the rcc binary package generation
  Generate the rcc file every time, at install time
  Make org.kde. components include a donate URL
  Mark kpackage_install_package undeprecated for plasma_install_package


  Expose PersonData::phoneNumber to QML


  No need to have kdoctools required


  API dox: consistently use X-KDE-ServiceTypes instead of ServiceTypes


  Make it possible for KTextEditor to build on Android NDK's gcc 4.9
  avoid Asan runtime error: shift exponent -1 is negative
  optimization of TextLineData::attribute
  Don't calculate attribute() twice
  Revert Fix: View jumps when Scroll past end of document is enabled (bug 391838)
  don't pollute the clipboard history with dupes


  Add Remote Access interface to KWayland
  [server] Add support for the frame semantics of Pointer version 5 (bug 389189)


  KColorButtonTest: remove todo code
  ktooltipwidget: Subtract margins from available size
  [KAcceleratorManager] Only set iconText() if actually changed (bug 391002)
  ktooltipwidget: Prevent offscreen display
  KCapacityBar: set QStyle::State_Horizontal state
  Sync with KColorScheme changes
  ktooltipwidget: Fix tooltip positioning (bug 388583)


  Add "SkipSwitcher" to API
  [xcb] Fix implementation of _NET_WM_FULLSCREEN_MONITORS (bug 391960)
  Reduce plasmashell frozen time


  cmake: don't flag libnm-util as found when ModemManager is found


  Export the NetworkManager include dirs
  Start requiring NM 1.0.0
  device: define StateChangeReason and MeteredStatus as Q_ENUMs
  Fix conversion of AccessPoint flags to capabilities

Plasma Framework

  Wallpaper templates: set background color to ensure contrast to sample text content
  Add template for Plasma wallpaper with QML extension
  [ToolTipArea] Add "aboutToShow" signal
  windowthumbnail: Use gamma correct scaling
  windowthumbnail: Use mipmap texture filtering (bug 390457)
  Remove unused X-Plasma-RemoteLocation entries
  Templates: drop unused X-Plasma-DefaultSize from applet metadata
  Consistently use X-KDE-ServiceTypes instead of ServiceTypes
  Templates: drop unused X-Plasma-Requires-* entries from applet metadata
  remove anchors of item in a layout
  Reduce plasmashell frozen time
  preload only after the containment emitted uiReadyChanged
  Fix combobox breakage (bug 392026)
  Fix text scaling with non-integer scale factors when PLASMA_USE_QT_SCALING=1 is set (bug 356446)
  new icons for disconnected/disabled devices
  [Dialog] Allow setting outputOnly for NoBackground dialog
  [ToolTip] Check file name in KDirWatch handler
  Disable deprecation warning from kpackage_install_package for now
  [Breeze Plasma Theme] Apply currentColorFix.sh to changed media icons
  [Breeze Plasma Theme] Add media status icons with circles
  Remove frames around media buttons
  [Window Thumbnail] Allow using atlas texture
  [Dialog] Remove now obsolete KWindowSystem::setState calls
  Support Atlas textures in FadingNode
  Fix FadingMaterial fragment with core profile


  fix rendering when disabled
  better layout
  experimental support for auto mnemonics
  Make sure we are taking into account hte size of the element when styling
  Fix font rendering for non-HiDPI and integer scale factors (bug 391780)
  fix icons colors with colorsets
  fix icon colors for toolbuttons


  Solid can now query for batteries in e.g. wireless gamepads and joysticks
  Use recently introduced UP enums
  add gaming_input devices and others to Battery
  Adding Battery Devices EnumAdding Battery Devices Enum
  [UDevManager] Also explicitly query for cameras
  [UDevManager] Already filter for subsystem before querying (bug 391738)


  Don't impose using the default client, pick one that supports the requested language.
  Include replacement strings in the suggestion list
  implement NSSpellCheckerDict::addPersonal()
  NSSpellCheckerDict::suggest() returns a list of suggestions
  initialise NSSpellChecker language in NSSpellCheckerDict ctor
  implement NSSpellChecker logging category
  NSSpellChecker requires AppKit
  Move NSSpellCheckerClient::reliability() out of line
  use the preferred Mac platform token
  Use correct directory to lookup trigrams in windows build dir

Syntax Highlighting

  Make it possible to fully build the project when crosscompiling
  Redesign CMake syntax generator
  Optimize highlighting Bash, Cisco, Clipper, Coffee, Gap, Haml, Haskell
  Add syntax highlighting for MIB files

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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