Moving KMarkdownWebView to extragear/utils (was: Re: KMarkdownWebView (kpart) in KDE Review)

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Sun Sep 3 17:28:07 BST 2017


Am Dienstag, 22. August 2017, 00:18:19 CEST schrieb Friedrich W. H. Kossebau:
> KMarkdownWebView today entered KDE Review. This repo contains a kpart for
> rendered display of Markdown files, using web technologies (webpage with
> JavaScript library which creates HTML from the plaintext handed in).

Thanks Elvis, Albert, Allen for your replies, also anyone who gave feedback on 
irc (and those possibly who tested and stayed silent as no issues were hit).

So 14 days will have passed upcoming Tuesday, and seems no showstoppers are 
left for leaving kdereview to become a "normal" repo.

Besides the fixing commits for the things commented on no other bigger changes 
happened since it entered kdereview, cmp.
kmarkdownwebview.git/log/ , but you might want to give it a final check.

> I consider it rather a hack and would favour something done natively in Qt
> (e.g. like the Markdown Okular generator in
> D7382). But for now it serves the use-case of providing a webpage-like
> rendered display of markdown documents. Especially for the live preview
> plugin for Kate & KDevelop currently worked on*.
> *
> See also
> The separate library libKMarkdownWebView is done for sharing code with a
> thumbnailer plugin, whose code yet is to be committed to this repo, as it
> resists to work right now.
> Initial build on CI looks good:
> /
> t5.7/
> Target would be extragear/$SOMETHING, with $SOMETHING possibly "utils".

So unless anyone objects, I will ask to have the repo in extragear, in repo 
hierarchy path extragear/utils.

Once it's moved and I pinged the translators, a week later should see first 
release then.


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