Python bindings using cppyy (was: An update on Python bindings)

Philipp A. flying-sheep at
Sat Nov 4 11:46:12 GMT 2017

Hi Shaheed,

Thank you for the clarifications!

My observation is that *nobody* is likely to help with that problem: the
> framework owners did
> nothing obvious to either keep PyKDE4 going (out of tree) or to help
> Steve with my earlier SIP based efforts (in tree).

It's a bit sad, but not too surprising that the framework maintainers
didn't help. I assume it's a matter of priorities for them as well.

I do however prefer to maintain compatibility (to Python 2) until the
> burden of doing so presents an insurmountable issue.

At this point I'd say you do humanity a bigger favor if you ditch Python 2
even without maintenance burden.

Entirely new bindings lead to new applications being written using those
bindings. Writing applications in Python 2 is an immediate maintenance
burden and people only do it because of stubborn ideology or a complete
lack of awareness that Python 2 is being killed off for good.

There is no need for a "final decision" from me. I would suggest that
> the first question for anybody that cares is to assess the scope of
> the issue. Unfortunately, i have other more fundamental issues to fry.

OK, cool! So if this is possible and not over my head, I might be able to
try my hands at it.

Best regards, Shaheed

The same to you!

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