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Shaheed Haque srhaque at theiet.org
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On 13 May 2017 at 22:04, Sven Brauch <mail at svenbrauch.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 05/13/2017 06:06 PM, Shaheed Haque wrote:
>> The printed output shows that the variable KF5KIO_INCLUDE_DIRS is not
>> set. In poking around, I see references to a (new-to-me) target-based
>> system, and using that like this:
> The question is, why do you need to do that?

I'm continuing to experiment with trying to build Python bindings for
KF5. As part of that, the SIP tooling creates C++ wrapper code which
must be compiled for each framework, and for that I need to know the
header file directories. So far, I have simply been hardcoding the
needed paths on my own system, but I now want to move to using
standard CMake-based logic instead.

(In some sense, this might be seen as similar to the stuff that was
added to ECM, but I'm trying for a significantly more automated

Also, I am trying to feel my way towards a Pythonic build system for
the KF5 bindings (as, roughly speaking, PyQt seems to be doing): in
other words I'm interested in using CMake as a stepping stone, not the
actual build system.

Thus, I'm after the moral equivalents of:


Thanks, Shaheed

> The usual way is to simply call
>   target_link_libraries(mybinary KF5::KIOCore)
> and include paths etc. will be set up for your target automatically.
> Best,
> Sven
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