Next Gen CI - frameworks requirements for plasma

David Edmundson david at
Fri May 12 12:09:18 BST 2017

Following up from Ben's email where we won't have master of frameworks in
buidling master of Plasma.

> If this affects you, please start a
new thread (CC'ing sysadmin and kde-core-devel along with your
Product's main list) stating which specific repositories you need and
providing one to two lines of explaination for each.

> Note that requests for the entirety of Frameworks won't be accepted -
each must be requested on an individual basis with an explanation
given for why your development process is dependent on the master
version of that Framework.

plasma-desktop will need master of:
 - plasma-framework

plasma-workspace will need master of:
 - plasma-framework
 - kwayland

kdeplasma-addons will need master of:
 - plasma-framework

plasma-sdk will need master of:
 - plasma-framework

plasma-integration will need master of:
 - kwayland

kwayland-integration will need master of:
 - kwayland

Also related: There's a dependency on newish kirigami in discover.

There's an incredibly tight coupling between plasma and plasma-framework.
#ifdef, even ignoring the problems that brings, isn't an option as most the
changes are new properties/classes in QML imports where it's used without
a preprocessor. This really affects anywhere with a Plasma applet (the
first 4)

KWayland is still very much a dynamic area  as it's a high paced area.  It
gets new APIs for every new protocol, and we'll be making a new protocol
because we're using it somewhere.

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