Next Gen CI Will Be Moving to Production Shortly: Upcoming Changes

Thomas Baumgart thb at
Sat May 6 14:02:40 BST 2017

Hi Ben,

On Saturday 06 May 2017 21:37:51 Ben Cooksley wrote:

> Which brings me to the third point of attention. We'll only be adding
> projects to the Next Gen CI system at their request going forward. For
> Frameworks, Applications and Plasma this is something which we're
> essentially assuming we're going to receive from their release
> managers, so we'll take care of defining the initial Products for
> those. For Extragear projects, please respond to this thread if you'd
> like CI coverage (to continue) to be provided to you.

I like to have KMyMoney and Alkimia (which actually is a dependency of 
KMyMoney) under CI coverage in the future. In case you need beta testers 
please let me know.

> Thanks for all who have reached this point - my apologies again for
> it's length.

Sometimes they need to be a bit longer.

Thanks for all the great work behind the scenes done by the sysadmin group.



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