libqaccessibilityclient now in kdereview

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Tue Jul 25 12:25:39 BST 2017

libqaccessibilityclient is now in kdereview.  It's in a git repo
called libkdeaccessibilityclient but we filed a sysadmin request to
rename it.

We just released 0.2.0 in unstable (for some reason 0.1.1 was released
in stable some years ago).

What is it?
Since it's hard to grasp all the bits related to accessibility, I'll try to
explain what the lib is for.
Most of the stack is part of Qt 5, so nothing to worry about, that's the part
that lets applications expose their UI over DBus for AT-SPI, so they work
nicely with assisitve tools (e.g. Orca). In accessibility language, the
applications act as "servers" and the screen reader for example is a client.

This library is for writing clients, so applications that are assistive, such
as screen readers. It currently has two users: KMag and Simon.
KMag can use it to follow the focus (e.g. when editing text, it can
automatically magnify the part of the document where the cursor is.

For Simon Listens, the use is to be able to let the user trigger menus and
buttons by voice input.

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