AtCore on KDE Review

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Sun Jul 16 16:33:51 BST 2017

Thank you for clarifying that as I did misunderstand. I should hopefully
have a patch for this today . I will tag you for review.

On Jul 16, 2017 11:31 AM, "Luigi Toscano" <luigi.toscano at> wrote:

sithlord48 ha scritto:
> Atcore is a kde framework library So we used the KF5 prefix. If this is
> incorrect then I can remove it

I think that there is a misunderstanding: AtCore is a library based on Qt
ECM. Even if it used some libraries from Frameworks, it would not make it
of "KDE Frameworks", but a library *based on* KDE Frameworks.
The only libraries which are part of KDE Frameworks are, well, the ones
shipped with KDE Frameworks:

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