Draft Policy: Dependency Changes and CI

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at kde.org
Sun Jan 22 01:58:46 GMT 2017


thanks for writing this down!
> this month, a heated exchange on kde-core-devel about a dep
> change breaking CI has moved us to draft a new policy to better
> handle situations like this in the future.


The first two paraphrases are okay

For me the whole text sounds to bureaucratic and too many "you can do this 
after waiting that long" . Can't the whole process described like following:
* You should plan at least two weeks for a dep bump on CI.
* If a developer knows or think about bumping a dep (any dependency of this 
software that is not created by any other KDE group) she/he should get in 
contact with sysadmins beforehand as soon as possible to sort things out. You 
can reach sysadmins, by adding the "Sysadmins" group on Phabricator to 
reviewers review requests or file a separate sysadmins ticket on Phabricator.
* Sysadmins normally react within two weeks and can tell how long it will take 
to update the dep on CI. This can take some hours for very easy updates up to 
several weeks for deps, that affect more/nearly all packages f.ex. Qt.
* Under special circumstances (e.g. urgency prior to a freeze), exception 
requests should be raised in an established venue such as release-team or kde-
core-devel. In general, changes that fellow developers can't be convinced of 
are probably not a good idea.
* Keep in mind if you don't get in touch with sysadmins, than the CI will be 
RED. Also after multiple times not informing sysadmins beforehand and giving 
time to sort things out, sysadmins may decide to kick the project from CI 

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