As Google Code-in ends, time to plan for Google Summer of Code

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Well, I can only speak about my experience.
The page is good, and I think that is a good
start. When I submitted my proposal las year at Umbrello, I did start to
get to know Umbrello code before it. And get to know the code is, for me, a
required step to get accepted on that project, otherwise when GSoC starts
the student may lose valuable time on that. Also, search for a project and
a mentor is a good step too.
I know that all of GSoC students do a review about the Community and that
the Community can access it, however, maybe we can do a pool on #kde-gsoc
about it, with a deep questioning about all the experience involving GSoC,
of former students and the ones that have interesting to apply for 2017.
That can help us to define a better standards to follow.
Well, that is just my ideas... I'm open to discussing it.

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> On Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 1:38 PM, Valorie Zimmerman
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> > I've just finished preparing the new Ideas page for 2017:
> >
> >
> > It is basically the same as every other year, and has no previous
> > ideas on it. If you or your project plan to present a former idea
> > again, click on the 2016 Ideas link, and copy/paste it into the 2017
> > page as soon as possible.
> >
> > Of course, new ideas are welcome as well, as long as there are mentors
> > available. We'll remove ideas with no mentor listed. Please ensure
> > that there is contact information for each mentor.
> Sorry for replying to myself again, but I just heard an excellent idea
> on #gsoc - pictures! Terri said, "lots of code doesn't need it, but if
> you're writing code for a visualizer? an image analyzer?  graphing
> software? a game?"
> I think a few screenshots where appropriate would spice up our Ideas
> page quite a bit. I'm going to add it as an optional part to our
> suggested format for Ideas.
> > *Please* do no maintain a separate Ideas page which you present to
> > students. We need one central place for Ideas, and rules and
> > guidelines as well.
> >
> > Speaking of guidelines: please read over
> > and see what you think. We've tried to
> > clarify the language and make our general expectations clear, as we
> > think being upfront about our standards is one way to get better
> > proposals and better students.
> I'm serious about the above request. We need to all be on the same
> page about the quality of work we expect, and that includes
> communication from the students.
> Valorie
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