CI Requirements - Lessons Not Learnt?

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sun Jan 15 17:34:30 GMT 2017

Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> I'm sorry, but we need exceptions. Shit happens, sometimes not
> everything is working as flawless as we want. If the quality of our
> product is in danger, it doesn't matter anymore what policies are. The
> patches to fix it will be pushed. No matter whether the process was kept
> or not.
> So let's better think ahead of the possible exceptions and clearly write
> down what would allow for an exception instead of then when it happens
> to have nasty discussion.

Common sense would dictate that you would have to ask the CI sysadmins for 
an exception, and if the process (of course you have to wait for their 
answer, and ideally for them to update the CI) makes you miss the feature 
freeze, ask the release team for an exception to the freeze.

        Kevin Kofler

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