CI Requirements - Lessons Not Learnt?

Marco Martin notmart at
Fri Jan 13 21:49:58 GMT 2017

On Friday 13 January 2017 17:23:20 Martin Gräßlin wrote:
> > Please chime in with suggestions for how the text needs to be refined
> > and expanded to meet your and our needs. Updated versions of specific
> > paragraphs are the preferred format for doing so: The thread so far
> > has shown that free-form conversation is prone to mudslinging, so
> > let's try to keep to the lingo fo a formal, dry document.
> Thanks for stepping up to write this!
> A few notes from my side:
> * "Subscribing the sysadmin team to these code reviews is mandatory." -
> How? What are the team names one has to add as reviewers?

just the sysadmin group added to reviewers i guess, so any of them can answer.

> * This drastically changes the way KDE works. It requires mandatory code
> review and gives kind of veto power to sysadmins. It's something the
> larger KDE community might need to discuss as it removes one of the core
> principles of KDE that anybody can commit to anything and code review is
> only optional.

would make mandatory code review for that kind of change that yes, is 
significant (but arguably the lesser evil in this particular case?), but i 
don't think it would give sysadmins significant veto power, as  after 2 weeks 
the change would be able to go in anyways even if the corresponding measures 
for updating the deps wouldn't have been taken already

> * I would like to see a link to where developers can check whether a
> dependency is available. Reasoning: I want to check whether it's a
> no-brainer to not have to add sysadmins if it's already available. E.g.
> if I add a new dep in KWin, which is already used by Krita I wouldn't
> know that and ask sysadmins. That would be a waste of sysadmin's time.


> * I would like to add another exception: last minute dependency requests
> prior to a feature freeze should be allowed under certain conditions
> even if sysadmins had not two weeks to respond. Reasoning: shit happens
> ;-)

yeah, should have a long written reason on what is the problem they fix, like 
if is a frequent crash with X version of the dep.

Marco Martin

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