As Google Code-in ends, time to plan for Google Summer of Code

Valorie Zimmerman valorie.zimmerman at
Fri Jan 13 21:38:40 GMT 2017

I've just finished preparing the new Ideas page for 2017:

It is basically the same as every other year, and has no previous
ideas on it. If you or your project plan to present a former idea
again, click on the 2016 Ideas link, and copy/paste it into the 2017
page as soon as possible.

Of course, new ideas are welcome as well, as long as there are mentors
available. We'll remove ideas with no mentor listed. Please ensure
that there is contact information for each mentor.

*Please* do no maintain a separate Ideas page which you present to
students. We need one central place for Ideas, and rules and
guidelines as well.

Speaking of guidelines: please read over and see what you think. We've tried to
clarify the language and make our general expectations clear, as we
think being upfront about our standards is one way to get better
proposals and better students.



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