CI Requirements - Lessons Not Learnt?

Albert Vaca albertvaka at
Wed Jan 11 15:38:31 GMT 2017

About distributions that want to backport Plasma master instead of sticking
to Plasma LTS: It's their problem and I wouldn't care if they complain
about dependencies now that we have a solution for them (Plasma LTS). If we
still need to worry about not bumping dependencies in Plasma master, then
Plasma LTS is pointless.

About the problems that new dependencies create on the CI: I think we need
to add a bleeding-edge distribution docker image with rolling-updates, like
Tumbleweed or Arch. This way the CI can use this image for building non-LTS
Plasma (master), while still having the older Ubuntu-LTS to build Plasma
LTS. Rolling-update distributions are also easier to maintain, as they have
no releases you need to update to, so it shouldn't introduce too much work
for the sysadmins and CI maintainers. It's a win-win :D

I don't think we need a thousand images though, from my point of view two
or three (eg: Arch, Ubuntu-LTS, Debian Stable) should be more than enough...

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