Plasma Vault is in kdereview

Albert Astals Cid aacid at
Mon Feb 13 22:07:26 GMT 2017

El dilluns, 13 de febrer de 2017, a les 9:11:17 CET, Ivan Čukić va escriure:
> Hi all,
> I'm announcing that Plasma Vault is in the review phase - you can get
> it from kde:plasma-vault or with kdesrc-build plasma-vault.
> Plasma Vault is a system for easy creation of encrypted data storage
> (not for whole system encryption - we have distribution installers for
> that).

Your i18n seems a bit broken.

You have a in kded/ that creates a plasmavault-kded that AFAICS is 
never loaded

Your root CMakeLists.txt has a
  add_definitions (-DTRANSLATION_DOMAIN=\"plasmavault\")
i guess what you want is to move that to kded/ and make it plasmavault-kde ?

You plasma/ folder doesn't have a even though it has one i18n 
call. No idea how catalog loading works for plasma applets.


> It is consisted of:
> - kded daemon that handles most of the logic
> - Plasma applet to provide the UI
> Features:
>  - Supports encfs and cryfs (more to come later)
>  - Vaults can be limited to certain activities (automatically closing
> when you leave the activity it belongs to)
> More info at [1] and [2]
> Cheers,
> Ivan
> [1]
> [2]

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