Review Request 129917: Add a cache monitor to the System Load Viewer applet

Pascal VITOUX vitoux.pascal at
Sat Feb 4 00:03:09 GMT 2017

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Review request for kde-workspace and Plasma.

Repository: kdeplasma-addons


Add a cache monitor to the System Load Viewer applet using 'cache/dirty' and 'cache/writeback' infos from ksysguard 5.9.0

The monitor displays the dirty + writeback amount proportionaly scaled with the maximal amount reached, until the remaining dirty amount goes below a minimal threshold of 10MB.

An interesting usecase is to show the real progress of a datas transfer to a slow storage device like a USB drive.


  applets/systemloadviewer/package/contents/config/main.xml 6bf16d5aa 
  applets/systemloadviewer/package/contents/ui/ColorSettings.qml b9247aa15 
  applets/systemloadviewer/package/contents/ui/GeneralSettings.qml f1ab40a1b 
  applets/systemloadviewer/package/contents/ui/SystemLoadViewer.qml 5a0bc0649 



I use it since several months without issue.



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