Reviving KAudioCreator

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Fri Dec 22 11:47:01 GMT 2017

Kevin Ottens ha scritto:
> Hello all,
> I happen to be one of those poor souls who still rip CDs from time to time. 
> I'm using Dolphin for that right now, but I miss the convenience of using 
> KAudioCreator a while back.
> It looks like it's not released at all anymore. After a quick glance at the 
> repository, it seems to be in a somewhat good shape (at least it builds and 
> starts, I didn't push further yet).>
> Then, I'd like to revive it and have it part of KDE Applications. Anyone with 
> an objection about that? If none, how do we proceed?

No objections; as pre-review, translations and documentation were already
checked and fixed some time ago.

> I see a couple of things which need to be improved a bit so I'll try to work
> on those in the meantime.

Adding Leslie in CC (not sure he is subscribed here), as he did the initial

Do you want to move it to kdereview now?


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